Online Privacy Protection Guide

Learn how to protect your privacy online – using the same tools the experts do.

Welcome to COGIPAS – short for the Complete Online Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity & Security. COGIPAS is maintained by an avid internet privacy expert and author of two leading online privacy books.

Here you’ll find everything you need to protect your online privacy and quickly learn how to:

  • stop search engines, social networking sites and powerful Internet players from tracking and profiling you,
  • shield yourself from the prying eyes of elements that may be monitoring what you are doing online such as your ISP, overzealous government authorities, hackers, snoops, spammers, identity thieves and other potential troublemakers,
  • browse the Internet freely and get downloads without censorship or restriction,
  • use encryption to keep your downloads, personal documents and sensitive information 100% hidden and safe,
  • protect your most intimate secrets, activities and downloads from being discovered by people having access to your devices or accounts.

For a quick start, you can check out the resources I’ve gathered on this single page.

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