Online Privacy Protection Guide

Learn how to protect your privacy online – using the same tools the experts do.

Welcome to COGIPAS – short for the Complete Online Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity & Security. COGIPAS is maintained by an avid internet privacy expert and author of two leading online privacy books.

If you need a crash course in online privacy, you’ve come to the right place. Yet this is also a complete guide to online privacy where even experts can learn something. Here you’ll find everything you need to protect your online privacy and quickly learn how to:

  • surf the Internet freely and get downloads without censorship or restriction,
  • stop search engines, social networking sites and powerful Internet players from tracking and profiling you,
  • use encryption to keep your downloads, personal documents and sensitive information 100% hidden and safe,
  • prevent Big Brother, your Internet service provider (ISP) and unwelcome snoops from monitoring you, and
  • get rid of trace and hidden data on your computer that exposes your private activities.

Because so many aspects of our lives have migrated online and we access the Internet in so many different ways, online privacy protection is a multi-front battle. Your goals may vary from learning how to keep your browsing habits secure, download and share torrents anonymously, browse the web anonymously, or use washing-up / trace data removal apps to ensure you don’t leave any tracks behind. For these reasons, I’ve split my recommendations into categories (see the menu) to help you reach your online privacy goals.

  • For a quick start, check out the resources I’ve gathered on this single page
  • For more in-depth information about certain Internet privacy apps & services, check out my latest reviews
  • Quick tips & news relevant to Internet privacy can be found in the posts archive

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