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Social Media

…es (sometimes called social networks) are a great way to get back in touch with people and to make new friends – whether old buddies from high school or the neighbor down the street. Everyone seems to have at least one social media account and many people have multiple accounts. But there are a number of risks associated with being active on social media. It is often said that if an Internet service is free, you are not the customer, you…

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what not to post on Facebook image

What Not to Post on Facebook

The Information You Should Never Share or Post on Social Media Given the open and fun nature of social media, it is all too easy to let your guard down when posting and sharing information. Regardless of how careful you are with your privacy settings and limiting access to your profile and posts, you should never share the following information on Facebook or social media: your full date of birth your address your phone number your middle…

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How to Hide Porn, Find XXX & Download Erotica

How to Find, Download and Hide Porn and Erotica

…on to keep your erotica stash safe on your computer and your other devices. Encryption apps are very easy to install and use, and some of the best ones are free and open-source. You could choose to encrypt individual erotica media files, but it’s actually just as easy to encrypt an entire hard drive (or a part of it) or removable storage media such as a USB thumb drive or portable hard drive. Use a One-Stop Solution Tailored Especially for…

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cogipas book

How to Protect your Privacy on Social Media (book updates)

…Updates to Chapter 6 At this time, there are no updates or additional information for this chapter. To make sure you never miss anything, subscribe to receive updates by email. Related: index of Updates to ‘Complete Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity & Security’ book Top 10 Essential Internet Privacy Tips Advanced Privacy Protection and Online Anonymity Tips…

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online tracking & profiling

Online Tracking and Profiling of All Your Activities

…ainst your devices. Cookies, super cookies, flash cookies, bugs, beacons and a variety of third party elements (TPE) can be used to determine your IP address and then be cross-referenced and linked to your email address(es), social media profiles and other accounts. To see how you are tracked by your IP address, go to The sites listed there demonstrate what is just the tip of the iceberg about the kind of…

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Online Safety for Kids

…ke this shortcut or manually navigate Amazon’s categories as follows, Software > Antivirus & Security > Parental Control Social Media Safety The safety tips we discuss in ‘What Information Never to Share or Post on Social Media’ apply especially to children. Instill in your children the good sense that they should not disclose their personal information on social media. They should also never set up meetings in person on the basis of…

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Table of Contents

…ting Your Ports (Advanced Users) Testing Your Ports Chapter 10: Keeping Your Children Safe Online … 69 Introduction There Is No Substitute For Attentive Parenting Children Online Security Basics Web Browsing Protection Social Media Safety Monitoring The Online Activities Of Your Children PART II – ENHANCED METHODS FOR INCREASING YOUR PRIVACY & SECURITY AND HOW TO BE ANONYMOUS ONLINE … 72 Chapter 11: Getting Rid of the Trace…

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Detailed Example of How to Permanently Delete Files (Advanced Users)

…n buy. Let’s get started …. * * * Using a widely available and free data recovery (undelete) app, the deleted video is easily found (see screenshot). Depending on whether any new data has overwritten the space on the storage media previously occupied by the video, it may be fully recoverable. This is usually a function of how long ago the item was deleted and how large the storage media. Figure: The previously deleted video STRIPPED.WMV is…

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