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Using a Proxy to Browse the Web “Anonymously”

…server means that anyone trying to determine your identity will need to obtain the logs from both the visited site and the proxy server, which is not an easy task. A proxy server makes it more difficult to pinpoint you from web browsing activities. “Anonymous” ≠ Anonymous Note that using a proxy does not make you completely anonymous. Many proxy services claim that they provide comprehensive anonymity but this is not necessarily the…

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Table of Contents

…unt Chapter Recap Protecting Your Ports (Advanced Users) Testing Your Ports Chapter 10: Keeping Your Children Safe Online … 69 Introduction There Is No Substitute For Attentive Parenting Children Online Security Basics Web Browsing Protection Social Media Safety Monitoring The Online Activities Of Your Children PART II – ENHANCED METHODS FOR INCREASING YOUR PRIVACY & SECURITY AND HOW TO BE ANONYMOUS ONLINE … 72 Chapter 11:…

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How to Hide Porn, Find XXX & Download Erotica

How to Find, Download and Hide Porn and Erotica

…events the traces from appearing in the first place. The most basic thing you can do to protect your privacy is to browse sexy websites in your web browser’s private mode. This is easy to do and will temporarily disable your web browsing and searching history. Private mode will also temporarily disable your cookies (which also indirectly leave traces behind of the web sites you visit). Top Tip – Do some privacy checks on your computer and…

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Incognito – Using your Web Browser’s Private Mode

…y by Temporarily Disabling Your Web Browser’s History of Site Visits, Searches & Downloads As you probably know, most web browsers keep extensive records of your activities. You probably also know how to clear your web browsing data, whether manually or with apps. You could clear your browsing data after visiting sensitive websites or even clear it on a regular basis. However, you can prevent much of the records from being recorded in…

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What is Tor (The Onion Router) and How to Use Tor to be Anonymous

…relays and nodes located in different parts of the world and at varying speeds. For these reasons, your speeds when connected to Tor may be slower. But protecting your privacy at the expense of a potential small drop in your web browsing speed seems a small price to pay. How to Get Started Using Tor To start using Tor, visit and download and install the Tor Browser for Windows. It contains a tailored version of the…

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Basic Measures for Preventing Online Tracking

…nhancing plugins with your web browser represent a good start, they are only the most basic and bare bones way to protect you from online tracking and profiling. You can also go a step further and use techniques to make your web browsing anonymous. You can achieve this using tools called web proxies, The Onion Router (Tor for short) and virtual private networks (VPNs for short). They can make your entire Internet connection seem to originate…

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Is My VPN Working? photo

Is My VPN Working?

…ow: Basic Checks | DNS Leaks | Connection Drops  | Torrent Checks « As you’d expect, our select handful of top recommended VPNs, including Private Internet Access, pass these tests with flying colors. Standard VPN Tests (for web browsing, not torrenting) There are several ways you can check whether your VPN is working properly but it is important you use reliable and reputable online tools that give accurate results. Here you will find some…

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Computer Privacy Checks You Should Do Right Now

…ds cleared, your browser retains past searches you conducted and websites you visited to help you re-search or re-visit them more easily. Though intended as a convenience, it can also be a way for a snoop to detect your past web searches and browsing. For example, if you start to enter “cogipas” in your web browser’s search bar, it will display any terms searched or websites visited that match the letters as you type them in (see screenshot)….

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Anonymous Web Browsing

…difficult – but not impossible – for them to identify you. Therefore, you should really consider using a web anonymizing service, not only when engaging in any sensitive activities, but all of the time. Using such anonymous web browsing tools may sound intimidating, but now many of them take the techno complexity out of using them. After opening an account, and downloading a small app, you will be using the Internet anonymously in no time. It…

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Internet Privacy, Anonymity and Security Glossary

…c key) used to create digital signatures; your private key (e.g., your passphrase) should not be disclosed to anyone proxy (or web proxy) – a separate computer that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the websites you access with your web browser. Sometimes a proxy server is used to cache popular websites to speed up Internet access, but a proxy can also be used to enhance online privacy as the IP address of the proxy server…

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