About Links to Other Sites (and the Cents Sign, ¢)

You may notice that some of the links on these pages (and in the books) contain affiliate links, indicated by a cents sign, ¢. I am not trying to hide anything. You can be sure that I would never promote apps or services that I don’t personally believe in as that would undermine all of the hard work I put into the books and my related efforts.

If you find helpful the information and reviews I have presented, consider visiting the site via the affiliate link. This way, if you ultimately buy the app or subscribe to the service, I will earn a benefit (usually a small commission or the chance of one) at no cost whatsoever to you. The vendors (the app and service providers) pay these commissions, not the purchasers. In fact, for some of them I have obtained extra discounts for readers where indicated. Of course, you are also free to bypass these links and visit the websites directly by performing searches in your web browser or in your favourite search engine. No problem.

Most of the apps and services I recommend here either align with those already recommended in my books or came about after the books were published. As long as I am transparent, honest and open about the affiliate links, I don’t see the harm and think it’s OK. If you disagree, please contact me and let me know. Thank you!