About this Site

If you are wondering about how the COGIPAS.com website is set-up, here’s the scoop:

  • web hosting and domain name management by 1and1. I have happily used them for many years for both web hosting and domain name management. The cost is mere pennies a day.
  • the logos and artwork for the site and book cover were ably designed by ITPlus (of India).
  • subscription management by MailChimp


To contact COGIPAS, please send an email to info “at” cogipas “dot” com.

Your email will be answered as soon as possible.  Thank you!

About Links to Other Sites

You may notice that some some of the recommendations on these pages contain affiliate links (indicated by a cents sign, ¢). I am not trying to hide anything. You can be sure that I would never promote apps or services that I don’t personally believe in as that would undermine all of the hard work I put into the books and my related efforts.

If you find the information or review in an article helpful, consider visiting the site via the affiliate link. This way, if you ultimately buy the app or subscribe to the service, I will earn a commission (usually small). And remember, if you do click on these links and ultimately buy or sign up, it doesn’t cost you anything extra as it is the vendor, not you, who absorbs the cost of the commissions. If you don’t find the information or review in an article helpful, of course you are free to type the product’s or service’s URL directly into your browser’s bar or type the product’s or service’s name into your favorite search engine and find them that way. No problem.

Most of the products or services recommended via this blog either align with those already recommended in my books, or are products or services that I have used or reviewed after the books were published.

As long as I am transparent about the affiliate links on this site, I don’t see the harm. If you find the information here helpful, your clicks in turn help me and the vendors get to sell their products. As long as everyone is honest and open, I think it’s all OK.

If you agree or feel differently, let us know.  Thanks!