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Why Trust Us?

Why should you trust the reviews and information of Cogipas.com?  

For starters, our founder is the author of highly-rated Internet privacy books available at Amazon and other leading book retailers. 

Watch this short video to find out why you can trust the reviews and information on Cogipas.com! 🙂

About How to Contact Us

To contact us at Cogipas.com, please send an email to info “at” cogipas “dot” com. Your email will be answered as soon as possible. Thank you!

About How we Built this Site

If you are wondering about the nuts and bolts behind the Cogipas.com website, here's the scoop:

About How We Give Back

Cogipas.com’s Charitable Giving

Here at Cogipas.com we feel extremely grateful for being able to explore, talk and write about the topics we love.

Internet privacy, security and being able to stay anonymous online are very important. At the same time, these are very much “first world problems” in the grand scheme of things. Many people in the world don’t have the luxury of worrying about these things because they are just trying their best to survive and get by.

This is why, in our modest way, we do try to give back. Cogipas.com supports initiatives on the Global Giving website. We encourage you to do the same.

To date, these are the Global Giving projects we have supported:

Our founder also provides regular financial support to the Carriacou Animal Hospital. 

Pay it forward!