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Anonymous Web Browsing

How to Throw the Online Trackers, Profilers and Snoops off your Trail (Proxies, VPN & Tor)

In our anonymous web browsing materials it is time to get more sophisticated and effective in throwing the online trackers and profilers (and snoops too!) off your trail.

To understand the best means of avoiding the trackers, profilers and snoops, you first need to understand how they track and profile you in the first place. This means knowing about IP addresses. With this knowledge in mind, you can then learn how a web anonymizing service can shield your IP address and keep you hidden online, such as a web proxy, VPN (short for virtual private network), or Tor (short for The Onion Router).

For example, a VPN will hide your IP address and help prevent your online presence from being detected. To the online trackers, you will look like a different person each and every time you use your VPN. This scrambling of online identities renders it difficult – but not impossible – for them to identify you. Therefore, you should really consider using a web anonymizing service, not only when engaging in any sensitive activities, but all of the time.

Using such anonymous web browsing tools may sound intimidating, but now many of them take the techno complexity out of using them. After opening an account, and downloading a small app, you will be using the Internet anonymously in no time. It really can be that simple.