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PureVPN Review 2017

PureVPN deserves its reputation as an excellent VPN
PureVPN Review image

As you will see in this detailed PureVPN review, it is one of the overall best VPNs on the market today. PureVPN's large & loyal customer base and longevity in the business is well-earned.

Offering the most exit gateways and IP addresses in the business, the best customer service, full support for torrent file-sharing as well as innovative, industry-leading features and add-ons, you simply can't go wrong with PureVPN.

Top Tip – If you are thinking about using PureVPN mostly for torrent file-sharing, see our separate post, ‘Anonymous Torrenting with PureVPN‘.

PureVPN Review at a Glance

Supports:Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, iOS (allowing 5 simultaneous logins per account is great value for money as you can use 1 account for your computers, tablets and smartphones)
Tech Specs:up to 256-bit encryption | OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec SSTP & IKEv2 protocols
Network:141+ countries, 500+ servers, 80,000+ IP addresses
Headquarters: Hong Kong
Privacy: PureVPN does not keep user activity logs, so your privacy is assured. Check PureVPN’s full privacy policy for yourself on its website.
Pricing:check for special offers of $4.16 monthly ($49.95 annually) or $9.95 monthly (month-to-month) via | normally $11.95 monthly or $143.40 annually | comes with a 3-day money back guarantee for peace of mind
Payment methods: PureVPN accepts 50+ payment options, including PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Bitcoin, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, WebMoney, Western Union, bank transfer

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The Details

Established in 2006 (a long time for a VPN), PureVPN has a solid reputation and is easy to use. After opening an account on the PureVPN website you will receive a confirmation email with your userid and password for accessing the service. This same email will also contain links to their software and apps whether for Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux or iOS.

After installing the app and entering your userid and password, with one click (see screenshot) PureVPN will be encrypting your traffic and masking your IP address. That’s all there is to it.

PureVPN app's Dashboard

Figure:’s easy-to-use anonymizing app (select to enlarge image)

Huge Network

The PureVPN network is a truly global VPN now spanning 141+ countries, comprising of 500+ proxy servers and offering 80,000+ unique IP addresses. To meet the growing needs of VPN users, PureVPN's network is growing all the time, both geographically and in features (more below).

Easy to Use

We really like PureVPN’s app. It's easy and lets you see your assigned (decoy) IP address, connection time, the location of the proxy server exit location you're using and connection speeds, all at a glance.

The screenshots below (select an image to see it in full size) illustrate PureVPN's app for Windows:

  • using the app's Quick Connect feature, you can select a purpose or country and PureVPN will automatically choose the ideal options to give you the best experience possible
    quick connect
  • using the app's Personalized Selection, you can select from a number of handy pre-defined presets depending on the activities you want to undertake. As with Quick Connect above, you can also select the specific proxy server exit location or let PureVPN optimize the settings for your situation (for example, speed versus privacy). All this helps to achieve the best balance between speed and security for what you want to do.
  • other options in PureVPN's app let you manually select among all the available settings, from the type of VPN protocol to use to which proxy server location to use (right down to cities for some countries)

Whether you connect to PureVPN using a single click (for some quick anonymous web browsing or fast content streaming) or use more advanced options (for being safe while torrent file-sharing overnight), PureVPN’s speed and reliability are consistently excellent.

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Headquartered Outside the USA and Europe

Perhaps it’s purely psychological, but you may also derive some comfort from PureVPN being headquartered outside of the US and the Europe, hopefully away from the reach of NSA- and Five Eyes-type surveillance. This may be important to you depending on how sensitive your online activities.

PureVPN's base of operations is in Hong Kong, but if you need to access online content restricted to people living in the US or Europe, such as some online streaming services, PureVPN has tons of proxy servers located in the US and Europe.

Plenty of Advanced Features Too

“Power users” will also be impressed by a host of other features offered by PureVPN, including a Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection and Split Tunneling.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch will especially appeal to anyone conducting sensitive activities online as this feature “cuts” your Internet connection should the VPN disconnect for any reason, ensuring that your true IP address is never revealed.

DNS Leak Protection

DNS Leak Protection provides further protections from your true IP address ever leaking and being exposed when connected to PureVPN.


Split Tunneling

We also really like PureVPN’s Split Tunneling feature. PureVPN is the only VPN to offer this awesome feature. Split Tunneling lets you cherry-pick which of your software, apps and Internet traffic to route through the VPN and which to leave “as is”. This can be very convenient.

For example, you could route sensitive web browsing or torrent traffic through the VPN and at the same time use another browser or other apps for non-sensitive activities. It may sound complicated, but Split Tunneling is a snap to set up (see screenshot).

split tunneling

PureVPN's Split Tunneling feature is so cool and has so many benefits, icnluding to help prevent traffic analysis, that we have dedicated an entire post to it, ‘VPN Split Tunneling and Why You Should Use It

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PureVPN Fully Supports Torrents

You'll notice right away that PureVPN caters to torrent file-sharing customers because it includes “filesharing” among the purposes you can choose from right in its app. Its app also clearly indicates which proxy server locations support torrents (beside the location you will see a P2P icon, shown below).


Top Tip – Also check out our post about Anonymous Torrenting with PureVPN.

Value for Money

PureVPN can cost as little as $4.16 a month for an annual plan. Some VPNs may have a slight price advantage, but for an extra dollar or so you truly get an excellent and reliable VPN experience. Fly-by-night operators may have cheaper subscription fees, but you shouldn't mess around when it comes to your privacy and security.

What's more (and is not well known) is that PureVPN offers 5 simultaneous logins with all its subscription plans. This means you can use your one account on 5 devices at the same time (whether desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and/or tablets for almost all operating systems).

This gives you lots of bang for your buck and will appeal to anyone using multiple devices. You could also use a single account for one low monthly fee to cover you and everyone in your household.

Outstanding Support

If you check PureVPN's website, other reviews and forums, one thing about PureVPN becomes clear: it's excellent customer support. PureVPN is backed up by competent 24/7 online live chat support staffed by actual human beings with good English-language skills – no endless reading of generic FAQs.

For example, one team member spent 3 months in a country with heavy-handed and technologically-advanced Internet censorship. PureVPN's staff patiently walked him through the necessary steps to overcome the government's blocking technology, allowing him to keep in touch with friends, family and events back home as ever before.

PureVPN Review Wrap-Up

We are very comfortable recommending PureVPN to our readers based on its reliability (minimal downtime and connection drops), speed (fast download speeds), ease-of-use (hassle-free installation, setup and day-to-day use), scope (lots of different exit gateway locations), privacy (safe customer privacy policies) and value (reasonable prices).

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