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Index of Book Updates

At the end of each chapter in ‘Complete Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity & Security‘ are links to this site with any updated information.

ch. 2 – Risks at a Glance

ch. 3 – Importance of Good Passwords (Passphrases)

ch. 4 – Online Tracking and Profiling

ch. 5 – Protecting Yourself from Malware

ch.6 – How to Protect your Privacy on Social Media

ch. 7 – Preventing Identity Theft and Fraud

ch. 8 – Risks and Dangers of Using Wireless Networks and “Hotspots” (Public Wi-Fi)

ch. 9 – Securing Your Devices

ch. 10 – Keeping Your Children Safe from Online Dangers

ch. 11 – How to Get Rid of Web Browser Trace Information

ch. 12 – Anonymous Web Browsing

ch. 13 – Using Tor (The Onion Router) to be Anonymous on the Web

ch. 14 – Secure, Private and Anonymous Email

ch. 15 – Using Encryption

ch. 16 – How to Download and Share Torrents

ch. 17 – Secure, Private and Anonymous Usenet

ch. 18 – Getting Rid of Trace Information Left Behind on Your Devices

ch. 19 – Permanently Deleting (Wiping) Items and Data

ch. 20 – Privacy at your Workplace; Security at your Small Office / Home Office (SOHO)

Annex A – Online Privacy Checks You Should Do Right Now

Annex B – Checking Your Device Privacy

Annex C – Privacy Protection (Quick Start)