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What’s My IP Address?

A bit scary isn't it?

You should hide your IP address and location to protect yourself from activity monitoring and online tracking & profiling, not to mention worse things such as identity theft & doxing. A number of tools can be used to hide your IP address including proxies, Tor browser or a VPN (virtual private network).

The links below will demonstrate the kind of information that can be obtained about your IP address and connection (and therefore you) just from visiting a web page. There are plenty of these pages but here are some that we especially like. If you want to check your IP address when torrent file-sharing, you need to perform a different and more specialized torrent IP check.

Best ‘What's My IP' Sites

Depending on how detailed a check you want to perform, some of the tests below are basic, providing a quick IP address check, while others probe more deeply, providing a more thorough check on the kind of information that can be obtained about your connection.

  • in Google, or better yet DuckDuckGo or ixquik (non-tracking search engines), type “IP address” and your public IP address will be displayed
  • ScanEye IP Demo – checks whether your IP is in their database of known torrenters

With online privacy quickly vanishing and security threats such as identity theft and large scale data breaches on the rise, we highly recommend you make efforts to hide your IP address and protect your identity online. This can be achieved by investing as little as a few dollars a month for a reliable VPN provider, but there are free options too such as Tor browser so there is no excuse for not protecting yourself.


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