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How to Prevent Identity Theft & Doxing including for Free

Identity Theft Prevention, Doxing Protection & Removing your Personal Information Online Learn about identity theft prevention and doxing protection and how to prevent these rising crimes in the first place. Our materials cover all the practical steps you can take to protect yourself from identity theft prevention and doxing attacks. These posts are long and detailed, so we have split them into the following parts: Step #1: Understand that…

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Identity Theft

…ervices or receiving government benefits, all in your name. Identity thieves use all sorts of methods to steal your personal information but rely most often on phishing, spoofing, or malware to help them achieve their goals. Identity theft is becoming more common with (by some reports) up to 7% of US households falling victim to it every year. Indeed, according to Gallup, identity theft is now more widespread in the US than burglary, mugging,…

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Identity Theft Checklist (Financial Fraud Prevention)

Use this Identity Theft Checklist to Protect Yourself To protect yourself from identity theft and financial fraud, you need to put measures in place that make life hard for identity thieves. Like the defenses of a castle, you must set up a number of layers of protection. Although using the techniques found throughout this website will maximize your protection against identity theft, pay particular attention to the measures highlighted below to…

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Stop Sharing your Personal Information

…practical steps you should take to keep your personal information from becoming public and helping it fall into the hands of identity thieves. Implement as many of these concrete measures as you can to protect yourself from identity theft and doxing attacks. In General Overall, be stingy about giving out any personal information. If pressed to do so, provide disinformation (see Step #4 in this series). Follow good practices online such as not…

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Identity Theft: Half a Billion (with a ‘b’) Cases in 2015

…are not the low hanging fruit that is easy for hackers to pick. Hackers prey on the easiest targets so make sure you are doing “enough” that they move on to easier prey. For all the details, read our materials in Identity Theft and How to remove your personal information online. Quick Identity Theft Protection Tips But for some quick tips that you can start right away, keep these in mind: use strong and unique passwords for each…

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Credit Reports and Data Brokers

…tp:// (should this address change type “lexis nexis opt-out” in your favorite search engine). More Resources Entire books have been written on the subject of identity theft alone so we won’t pretend that this chapter covered everything. However, it has provided enough information and self-help techniques to give you a great start. Top Tip – A book we can recommend on the…

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Preventing Identity Theft and Fraud (book updates)

…Updates to Chapter 7 At this time, there are no updates or additional information for this chapter. To make sure you never miss anything, subscribe to receive updates by email. Related: index of Updates to ‘Complete Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity & Security’ book Top 10 Essential Internet Privacy Tips Advanced Privacy Protection and Online Anonymity Tips…

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Anonymous Payment Methods

…Anonymous Payment Methods You need to be aware that the benefits offered by a number of privacy services can quickly unravel. Any adversary tracing activities back to your service provider(s) or app vendor could uncover your identity because they (sometimes by law) will have your personal information data on file such as your name, address, email, phone number as well as your payment information, usually your credit card or PayPal details. It is…

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Internet Privacy & Security Calendar

…28: Data Protection Day (Europe)   January 25-29 (2016): Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week   February 7 (2017): Safer Internet Day (SID)   February – March: International Open Data Day #opendataday …

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