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Secure Email, Why you Need it and Our Recommendations

…s cannot be read by snoops. You should never send any truly sensitive information by ordinary email. For sensitive messages, you should either encrypt your messages using something such as OpenPGP (free) or use a specialized secure email provider. On its own PGP is not known for being easy to use, so consider a secure […]

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Anonymous Payment Methods

…ecentralized form of open source virtual currency based on peer-to-peer technology somewhat similar to BitTorrent file-sharing technology. You can use Bitcoins to purchase online anonymously goods and services such as a VPN, secure email, software apps, Usenet newsgroups access and much more. You can even exchange Bitcoins for other currencies. Unlike state controlled banks for […]

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Email Privacy Checks You Should Do Right Now

…been part of any password data obtained or leaked by hackers. If you want to monitor your email account for future hacks, most services will charge a monthly subscription fee. PwnedList HaveIBeenPwned (also check out their comprehensive list of recent password hacks) Lastpass (Adobe Hack Check) Next: Use Temporary Email Instead of Giving Out your […]

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Use Temporary Email Instead of Giving Out your True Email Address

…o keep safe your personally identifiable information when buying goods and services. Recommended Free Temporary Email Mailinator Guerrilla Mail HMA Anonymous Email My Trash Mail SneakMail (free for first month) Be Stingy Sharing your Real Email Address By using the temporary email address services above, your…

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Best Online Privacy Tools & Resources

…Mailinator, Guerrilla Mail, HMA Anonymous Email & My Trash Mail (all free) – disposable temporary email addresses BugMeNot & Login2 (all free) – shared login resources that let you bypass web registration Secure Email AnonymousSpeech Secure Email (premium) – secure email provider with strong encryption, servers offshore (outside USA and Europe) & no user logging. […]

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Private and Secure Email

…or fake email) which can be especially useful when you are reluctant to share your primary personal email address. Apart from keeping your email address private and undisclosed, you also may want to keep the contents of your emails secure and away from snoops and other prying eyes. Email remains as popular as ever but, […]

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How to Sign up for Anonymous VPN Service

…es on how to use disinformation as a way to protect your personal information online (and offline too). BUT, the trick is to make sure your real IP address never touches any part of the process when setting up and using this email account or temporary email (even for just the one time we intend […]

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Stop Sharing your Personal Information

…alternative email address to keep your primary personal email account private. Make good use of encryption especially for sensitive email attachments or anything you save in the cloud. You can also set up and use a separate secure email account from your day-to-day email account. Never email scans of your official identity documents such as […]

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Internet Privacy, Anonymity and Security Glossary

…s been corrupted. (also see checksum) ctcp – client-to-client protocol. A particular protocol for offering and getting downloads on IRC cyclical redundancy check (see CRC) cypherpunk remailers (or “Type I” remailers) – remailers that strip all of the headers from an email message and forward it on to the intended recipient. It is an almost […]

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Table of Contents

…nced Users) Chapter 14: Secure, Private and Anonymous Email … 101 Introduction How Private Is Your Email Address? Email Basics Email Travels Over The Internet As Plain Text How Email Can Be Traced (Headers) Recommended Secure Email Services Using An Alternate Webmail Account For A Basic Level Of Security And Privacy Setting Up Your Alternate […]

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