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Информация о конфиденциальности в интернете на русском языке

… мы доступно расскажем о конфиденциальности в интернете и о том, как оставаться анонимным, будучи он-лайн: просмотр веб-страниц, защита электронной почты, ToR, VPN-сети, обмен Торрент-файлами, пользовательские сети (USENET), шифрование и многое другое. Ниже для Вашего внимания представлены некоторые из самых популярных страниц, переведенные на русский язык. Обмен Торрент-Файлами Как безопасно пользоваться Торрентом VPN –…

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Internet privacy issues image

Internet Privacy Issues & Security Risks at a Glance

…ivities. Spam Spam is usually associated with unsolicited commercial email, but spammers are now expanding their techniques to all corners of the Internet including the web, social media, chat rooms, torrent file-sharing and Usenet newsgroups. Spam is usually more annoying than dangerous unless it contains or transports malware, but even “harmless” spam wastes your time […]

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Is My VPN Working? photo

Is My VPN Working?

…e able to answer the question, “is my VPN working?”. Whichever test you performed (or maybe you performed all of them), once you confirm your VPN is working and transmitting a masked IP address and not your true one, you can confidently go about your activities protected and anonymous, whether web browsing, mass downloading from […]

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Why is Piracy Still Thriving?

…ssociated with the alternative ways of getting TV and movie content online. There are now many alternative methods (listed by popularity): Popcorn Time or Torrents Time + VPN BitTorrent + VPN Private cloud torrenting service Usenet newsgroups File hosting sites such as Dropbox Torrent seedboxes Kodi (aka XBMC) with the right add-ons XDCC + VPN […]

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Data Privacy Day Special: Free 250-page Kindle eBook

…cy, Anonymity & Security’ absolutely free. The book is Windows7-oriented and includes robust chapters on: online tracking & profiling social media safety private web browsing anonymous torrent-file sharing uncensored Usenet newsgroups how to keep your computer and other devices safe from snoops The book will be free only on Data Privacy Day (January 28th) but, […]

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OverPlay Smart DNS Review

…nternet traffic encrypted and your IP address masked, a VPN will be more suitable. Bottom Line: Smart DNS is a great choice for accessing blocked content but not for protecting activities such as your torrent file-sharing or Usenet activities. OverPlay Smart DNS Review OverPlay is a US-based company that offers leading Smart DNS services. It […]

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Popcorn Time Alternatives 2017

…Prime, Hulu or Netflix Online streaming services such as Amazon prime, Netflix and Hulu are getting cheaper, better and more widespread all the time. These services are now not much more expensive than investing in a VPN or Usenet so why not go “legit”? The selection of content available with these services might not be […]

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How to Make a VPN More Secure image

How to Make a VPN More Secure

…cted accounts while using your VPN, you are essentially “admitting” that you were that (masked) IP address at that time. For example, If you use your VPN while torrent file-sharing, mass downloading files from the web, using Usenet newsgroups or streaming geo-blocked videos or other censored content, while at the same time accessing your social […]

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Wi-Fi Security & How to Protect Yourself using Hotspots

…something called a virtual private network (or VPN for short). A VPN ensures that your entire Internet connection is secure, not only when web browsing but for everything you do online including torrent file-sharing and even Usenet. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel of all your Internet traffic, no matter where you are, fully protecting […]

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