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How to Use Usenet (Best Guide 2017)

…e your game in Usenet and download more content, you may start coming across items where some of the pieces are missing. These are called “incomplete items” in Usenet-speak. Sometimes incomplete binaries can be a nuisance on Usenet. Large Usenet binaries, such as videos, must be split up over many, sometimes dozens of, Usenet posts. […]

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Usenet Reviews

…number of different packages at different costs (lite, silver, gold, premium, super, XXXL, etc). There are simply too many packages to capture in this comparison table to cater to everybody. Some people will be seeking cheap Usenet or Usenet deals whereas others are willing to pay top dollar for the fastest Usenet with the highest retention periods […]

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How to Use Sickbeard, SABnzbd and CouchPotato

…and download all the content you could ever want. Sickbeard caters to TV content while CouchPotato caters to movie content. For best results, use a high-quality and fast Usenet provider that caters to the needs of automated Usenet users, such as UsenetServer. And that’s it! You can even kiss torrent file-sharing good-bye as automated Usenet […]

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Usenet, Bitcoin and “Anonymous” Newsgroups Access

…y all Usenet providers as a way to pay for newsgroup access. At time of publishing, the Usenet providers listed and described below accept Bitcoin. You’ll note that none of them are based in the USA. Why Pay with Bitcoin for Usenet? Usenet predates P2P networks such as BitTorrent file-sharing by almost two decades, but has managed […]

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Usenet vs Torrent

…oth Usenet vs torrent technologies, especially from a privacy perspective. Usenet Pros and Cons Despite being decades old Usenet has kept up with the times and remains a popular forum for sharing downloads. If you are new to Usenet, check out our Usenet newsgroup pages for more information. Not Free – To start obtaining downloads from […]

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Usenet Block Accounts: Astraweb, Tweaknews, Blocknews or XSNews

…news (Highwinds) ” Astraweb (Searchtech) ” BlockNews (Highwinds) Astraweb (Searchtech) XSNews ” Tweaknews (Highwinds) ” BlockNews (Highwinds) CHEAPEST COMBO (Europe focus) Eweka (Highwinds) XSNews ” Astraweb (Searchtech) any Usenet provider Usenet Farm (independent) ” CheapNews (independent) Share Your Usenet Block Account Techniques If you use a different combination of a main Usenet provider plus block […]

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How Safe is Usenet?

…news server and post to it while using a VPN to mask your IP address. Even when you think you have found a news server that eliminates traceable headers, always do a test post to the alt.test newsgroup to ensure no identifying information appears in the headers of the post. Related to How Safe is […]

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Best Free Usenet

…ys to get Usenet for free. As you’d expect, none of these ways are as easy or as high-quality as signing up for premium (paid) access, but free is free! In this post we discuss the three best methods for how you can get free Usenet access. Whether free Usenet is suitable for you also depends […]

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Overview: Usenet at a Glance

…nd post messages using little more than your web browser and visiting Google Groups. Wanting to access Usenet for its treasure trove of media files – whether audio, images or videos – means signing up for premium Usenet provider. Usenet providers will carry the most popular newsgroups that contain media files or as they are […]

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Best Newsgroup Provider for Usenet: Newshosting Review

…a note or grab a screenshot of your password from the confirmation webpage. Settings are provided for configuring third party Usenet software, but I simply downloaded Newshosting’s free custom Usenet browser… The Newshosting Usenet Browser The free Usenet browser is a great piece of software, and does everything you might want from a Usenet browser, […]

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