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Best VPN Providers 2017

…IPVanish VPN – trouble-free setup and fast connecting (official site | read our review) Best Usenet VPN: Private Internet Access – Usenet users should seriously consider using a VPN while downloading from newsgroups Compare VPNs: VPN Comparison table – leading VPN providers compared side-by-side How to Choose the Best VPN Provider for You Emotions run […]

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Best China VPN 2017

…you are travelling abroad. If Tor browser is blocked from your location in China, try it with the obfsproxy plugin (now included and part of the official Tor Browser packages).  You could also try the Japan-based, volunteer VPN network VPN gate (Chinese version). Other times, it may even be possible to contact the VPN provider […]

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Is My VPN Working?

…rent proxy is working and masking your true IP address from the outside world. This way you can be assured that snoops will not be able to determine your true IP address. Top Tip – Remember, our top recommended torrent VPN, Private Internet Access VPN, passes these tests. To check what IP address you are transmitting while […]

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How to Make a VPN More Secure

…the traffic you want to keep private and hidden. This gives you a separate IP address for each set of activities at the same time. In this way your VPN-enhanced anonymity will not be compromised through traffic analysis. PureVPN offers the easiest VPN split tunneling we’ve seen (visit PureVPN | read our review) Route Related Activities through […]

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How to Sign up for Anonymous VPN Service

…ack to you. Personal information that can be traced back to you includes obvious things like credit card and banking details, but these days also includes PayPal, your IP address and even Bitcoin chains. The principle is simple, but the steps are not. Our detailed guidance above took you through all the nitty-gritty steps that […]

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Safe Torrenting on Android Devices

…droid app, go you your VPN server settings page (pencil icon). 2. Go to the “Routing” tab and ensure that “Use default Route” is selected for both IPv4 and IPv6. This ensures that all internet traffic only passes through the VPN when the VPN is running. 3. Go to the “Advanced” tab, the check “Persistent […]

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How to Download Torrents Anonymously 2017

…ed for torrents. We recommend three sites where you can undergo such a test. As the instructions are rather detailed (and to keep this article a reasonable length) we present them in detail together with screenshots in Is My VPN Working? By making sure that your torrent VPN (or proxy) is functioning and masking your […]

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How to Use IPVanish VPN as a Torrent Proxy

…g against detection and monitoring is to use IPVanish VPN as a full torrent proxy. If this concept is new to you, don’t worry. This guide will show you everything you need to know and explain why it is so important. IPVanish VPN at a Glance There are lots of VPNs on the market (over […]

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IPVanish VPN Review

…initially connect, as that’s the way VPNs work). Given everything it has going for it in our IPVanish VPN review, it is no wonder that IPVanish is “officially” recommended by the renowned hacktivist group Anonymous. Advanced VPN Features The IPVanish VPN desktop client (available for Windows and Mac OS X) is an intuitive, sleek-looking piece of software […]

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Why Use a VPN? Top 10 Best Uses

…y great ways you can use a VPN, everyone should be using one. They are super value for money, costing as little as $3.08 per month; that’s less than a cup of your favorite coffee! For newbies wondering, “what‘s a VPN?”, a VPN is an online service you access through a small app installed on your computer or […]

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