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Top 10 Essential Internet Privacy Tips

Privacy Quick Start (Advanced Tips)

Internet Privacy Issues & Security Risks at a Glance

Online Privacy Checks You Should Do Right Now

Top 10 VPN Uses (What is a VPN? Why Use a VPN?)


Anonymous Torrenting 

How to Torrent (Introduction to Torrenting)

The Privacy Risks of Downloading and Sharing Torrents

Torrent Monitoring (Are Your Torrent File-sharing Activities Being Monitored?)

How to Find Torrents with these Torrent Search Tips

How to Download Torrents Anonymously (detailed version)

How to Achieve Truly Anonymous Torrenting (summary version)

How to Choose a Torrent VPN Anonymizing Service

Recommended VPN for Torrent File-sharing: Private Internet Access (Review)

VPN Reviews Compared

Anonymous BitTorrent Proxy

Popcorn Time VPN Recommendations

Anonymous Torrenting with PureVPN

Torrent File-sharing vs Usenet Newsgroups

Why Using a Free VPN for Torrenting is a Bad Idea


Online Tracking 

All Your Activities are Being Tracked and Profiled

Basic Measures for Preventing Online Tracking (Private Browsing and Plugins)


Anonymous Web Browsing

What is an IP Address?

What is My IP Address? (IP Checking Resources)

Using a Proxy to Browse the Web “Anonymously”

Anonymous Web Browsing Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Why Using a Free VPN is a Bad Idea

How to Choose the Best VPN for You

What is Tor – The Onion Router – and How to Use Tor to be Anonymous 

More About Using Tor (The Onion Router)


Uncensored Usenet 

Introduction to Usenet

Search Usenet Newsgroups – What Are You Missing?

Newsreader Apps for Usenet Newsgroups

How Safe is it to Access Usenet Newsgroups? The Privacy Risks of Usenet

Using Premium Usenet Services to Access Censored Newsgroups

Overview: Usenet at a Glance

Best Usenet Guide

Which is Better: Usenet vs Torrent File-sharing?

How to Use Sickbeard, SABnzbd and CouchPotato

Best NZB Index

Best Free Usenet

EasyNews Review

Eweka Review

Downloading Binaries from Usenet with Android


Passphrases (Passwords)

A Single Weak Password Can Be Your Undoing (Why You Should Always Use Different Passphrases)

Making and Keeping Track of Good Passphrases


Identity Theft

What is Phishing and Spoofing; How to Protect Yourself

How to Prevent Hacking and Avoid Malware (3 Easy Tips)

Be Aware of WiFi Security when using Wireless Internet Hotspots

Home Network Security Guide

How to Shop Safely Online

Protecting Yourself from Keyloggers

Credit Reports and Data Brokers

Identity Theft Checklist (Financial Fraud Prevention)


Social Media

What Not to Post on Facebook

Detailed Walk-through of Facebook Privacy Settings


Private and Secure Email

Keeping your Email Address Private (Email Checks You Should Perform Right Now)

Use Temporary Email Instead of Giving Out your True Email Address

Secure Email, Why you Need it and Our Recommendations

Resources for Shared Logins (Bypassing Web Registration with BugMeNot Sites)


File Encryption

TrueCrypt Alternatives (and TrueCrypt Resources)


Clearing History Traces  

Computer Privacy Checks You Should Do Right Now

How to Use a Clear History (Privacy Cleaning) App

Incognito – Using your Web Browser’s Privacy Mode

Privacy Eraser Review

How Snoops Use Forensic Software

Detailed Example of Permanently Deleting Files: Wiping Items and Purging Left-over Directory Entries (Advanced Users)


Product Reviews

Private Internet Access Review

PureVPN Review (separate torrent file-sharing VPN review)

NordVPN Review

EasyNews Review

Eweka Review

Privacy Eraser Review

Internet Download Manager Review

Lastpass Review


Anonymous Payment Methods


Parent's Guide to Online Safety for Kids


Snowden Leaks: a Summary of the NSA Programs




Blog Posts





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