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Popcorn Time VPN Recommendations

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How to make Popcorn Time Safe and Anonymous

Popcorn Time is so convenient to use it's easy to forget that it's really nothing more than a slick front-end for torrent file-sharing. The difference being that Popcorn Time streams content for your viewing pleasure as you download it.

With traditional torrent file-sharing, once the video files are completely downloaded, then you open and watch them. Popcorn Time simultaneously streams and downloads content which allows you to watch videos as they are being downloaded “on-the-fly”.

Step 1. Use a Popcorn Time VPN

The most important way to ensure you use Popcorn Time safely and anonymously is to use a Popcorn Time VPN meaning a VPN that fully supports torrent file-sharing. We recommend you use Private Internet Access as they are the best (and least expensive) Popcorn Time VPN on the market today.

Precisely because Popcorn Time is nothing more than a fancy version of torrent file-sharing, the same techniques for anonymously downloading torrents work for Popcorn Time too.

Popcorn Time works great with Private Internet Access (visit site | see review). “PIA” (as it's known for short) is fast, easy to use and has the best customer privacy policies in the business with no logging of any kind.

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Top Tip – PIA's mobile VPN apps are also worth mentioning if you are interested in using Popcorn Time on mobile devices and not just your desktop or laptop computers. Too many VPNs have decent desktop VPN apps only to have lousy mobile apps, but Private Internet Access' desktop and mobile apps are equally excellent.

If you are looking for a Popcorn Time VPN located outside the USA, you may prefer ExpressVPN which is based in the British Virgin Islands. ExpressVPN also has a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. Yet further possibilities include PureVPN and NordVPN as both of these VPNs are safe for Popcorn Time and torrent file-sharing.

You can also compare all these highly-rated Popcorn Time VPNs side-by-side in our handy table and decide which is best for your needs.

Step 2. For Extra Safety Always Confirm your True IP Address is Hidden

To be extra safe when using Popcorn Time, you should also confirm your IP address is being hidden before you start watching Popcorn Time videos.

Never take for granted that your IP address is being hidden. After enabling your chosen Popcorn Time VPN, always check that it is masking your true IP address and protecting you from detection and monitoring.

Perform the check before starting any Popcorn Time downloads (before selecting ‘Watch Now') in case there is a problem.

There are at least 3 free ways to confirm that your IP address is being masked by your anonymizing VPN service, all outlined in our detailed ‘Torrent-Specific IP Checks' section of our Is My VPN Working? page.

Step 3. Optional: Use an IP Address Blocker

For “normal” torrent file-sharing, we usually further recommend using an IP address protection tool such as PeerBlock (free) – see step #2 of our anonymous torrent techniques. It is entirely up to you whether to use it to help further prevent torrent snoops from trying to monitor your Popcorn Time activities.

That's it!  With those easy steps you can use Popcorn Time with full peace of mind and not worry.

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