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Best TrueCrypt Alternatives

TrueCrypt is Dead. Long Live TrueCrypt.

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One TrueCrypt Alternative: Keep Using It

Sadly, one of the best encryption apps ever, TrueCrypt (free), is no longer supported. On some websites you will see scary warnings about it no longer being safe. While it’s true that its development has been discontinued, the last stable version, version 7.1a, still works fine. It’s what we still use today.

The last stable version of TrueCrypt is available from a number of places including:

TrueCrypt is simply an awesome encryption app with amazing documentation to match and has a near cult-like following, allowing you to create hidden encrypted volumes and, for more advanced users, fully encrypted and even hidden operating systems.

Best TrueCrypt Alternatives

For whatever reason, if you do want to switch, check out these best alternatives for TrueCrypt:

VeraCrypt (free) is a natural replacement for TrueCrypt as it can mount TrueCrypt volumes. It also can convert them to VeraCrypt format.

DiskCryptor (free) is another TrueCrypt alternative and is generally similar to it in terms of look and feel. DiskCryptor lets you encrypt entire drives including your system partition from where your operating system boots up. However, DiskCryptor does not support hidden containers or operating systems. Here's a a decent video tutorial walk through.

Go For Open Source Solutions

Whichever TrueCrypt alternatives you are looking at, opt for open source solutions. Open source means that the underlying software code can be looked at and examined by anyone who wants to. Sometimes you'll see it refered to by the acronym FOSS which stands for free & open source software.

Although it's no guarantee, software that is open source is much less likely to have any back doors or malware. That's because fellow coders, developers and enthusiasts will have looked over the code for any such vulnerabilities of flaws.

The opposite of open source software is proprietary software. Sure, Windows comes with its own built-in disk encryption BitLocker, but it may have backdoor vulnerabilities. Because the BitLocker code is “closed” it hasn't been subject to public scrutiny.

And it's the same story with “best selling” propriety disk encryption software packages like Cypherix. Better to stick with the FOSS solutions we listed above.

TrueCrypt Alternatives Wrap-Up

If, like us, you loved TrueCrypt, don't despair about it being discontinued. You can continue to use it safely.

However, if you do want to switch, there are some good free and open source (FOSS) TrueCrypt alternatives available.

We recommend those FOSS alternatives as vastly superior to any proprietary disk encryption software alternatives you may be considering.