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Best Streaming Sites 2018

What are the best websites for streaming movies (free & premium)?Streaming sites have now officially surpassed torrents as the public’s favorite way to watch movies. They let you watch what you want, when you want – without having to wait for a download. What’s not to like?But there is a catch. There are literally hundreds […]

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What’s My IP Address?

Psst. Looking for a quick solution? Hide online with ExpressVPN »Scary Isn’t It?Your IP address lets snoops find out lots of information about you. That’s because your online activities and everyone else’s are being tracked, combined, cross-referenced and shared among even more snoops, whether “harmless” advertisers, greedy data mining ISPs, criminal hacking syndicates or scheming […]

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How to Use Passwords (& Passphrases) and Not be Hacked

Learn how to use passwords (and passphrases) because a single weak password can be your undoing.  Why You Should Always Use Different Passphrases Although inconvenient, you should never use the same passphrase for different accounts, no matter how unimportant you may think any single account. Use a unique passphrase for each and every one of your accounts. Otherwise, the […]

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Privacy Guide – Stay Anonymous Online

How to Go from Potential Target to Virtually Invisible Online. Use the tools in this privacy guide to stay anonymous online. Are you worried about being a victim of the latest hack, ransomware, photo leak, or other breach, like the infamous WannaCry, Heartbleed, The Fappening or Equifax fiasco? Well, you shouldn’t be worried. You should be terrified.Rarely […]

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Change All Passwords at Once with One Easy Click

How good is Dashlane to change all passwords in the face of major data breaches?  Fed up trying to manage dozens of passwords for all your various accounts and apps? On average, it is estimated that you will have 26 online accounts. If you are following recommended passphrase practices, that means 26 passwords to keep […]

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Best Kodi Alternatives for 2018

Don’t fall victim to the Kodi crackdown – be safe and try these Kodi alternatives. Avoid the crackdown and use these Kodi alternatives instead. The crackdown against the popular streaming software Kodi continues and shows no signs of slowing down.Not only are copyright holders (such as Hollywood studios) and competitors (such as Netflix and Amazon) going after […]

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Top 10 Essential Internet Privacy Tips

Follow these Internet Privacy Tips to Start be Safer Online Beginners should read these Internet privacy tips carefully. More experienced users can skim through them as a reminder and then move on to our more advanced tips & materials. Once you’ve got these essentials covered you can start being confident online and enjoy what the Internet has […]

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Wi-Fi Security & How to Protect Yourself using Hotspots

Free Wireless Internet Hotspots are a Massive Wi-Fi Security Risk Hotspots or public wireless networks are becoming pervasive, available in almost all cafés, airports, restaurants and bars. While offering convenience, you must appreciate the risks of WiFi hotspots because you are sharing an unknown network with an unknown number of strangers, some of whom could be […]

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