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Popcorn Time Alternatives 2017

Try These Popcorn Time Alternatives if Curious or Looking for a Change

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If you were bummed out when Popcorn Time went down, you weren’t alone. Millions of loyal fans went berserk. Near identical replacements have since taken its place (examples #1 & #2), but there’s no telling how long these versions will be around.

Whether you want to prepare for the next blackout or you are just curious, here are the best Popcorn Time alternatives today.

Top Tip – When the original Popcorn Time went dark, a number of “fixes” appeared online. These fixes essentially let you implement workarounds that brought Popcorn Time back to life. If that happens again, you have to be careful implementing fixes because a number of them were dodgy, spreading spam or even containing malware. Make sure you consult reputable sources of information before installing any future fixes. Probably the best source of information the last time around was the related subreddit.

1. Download “Traditional” Torrents

Free software apps like µTorrent and Vuze will let you download torrents – small files which help you find and download anything from HD movies to music and documents – for enjoying later once they are fully downloaded.

Some torrent index sites (websites you use to search for torrents) even look a lot like Popcorn Time – for example, check out TorrentButler. Find the content you are looking for, click ‘download torrent' and the torrent will load in your torrent app and start downloading the files.

You can also use your torrent app in combination with sites such as ShowRSS to automatically download your favorite content as soon as it becomes available. ShowRSS is great as you don't even need to provide an e-mail address to set up your free account.

Just as with Popcorn Time, when using traditional torrents, we strongly recommended that you invest a few bucks a month in a reliable VPN service to fully protect your activities.

For TV lovers, here's a link to a good guide on how it all works. However, don't follow the recommendation it contains to sign up for BTGuard. You're much better off signing up for Private Internet Access VPN at half the cost and many more times the reliability and speeds.

Newbie? – If you are new to torrent file-sharing, don't worry, we have all the guides and advice you need – see this “menu” of our Torrent pages.

2. Live Stream Torrents

You can use the same torrent software apps mentioned above to stream torrents as they download. Using this method, your app downloads the pieces of a torrent from “start to finish” so that you can watch it as it downloads. In fact, this is the exact same method Popcorn Time apps use, but you probably just aren’t aware of it.

To stream torrents as they download using µTorrent you’ll have to upgrade for $20 to the Pro version of the app. You can try µTorrent's streaming feature for free: look for the Playback icon.

As the underlying technology for live streaming torrents is the same as method #1 above and for Popcorn Time in general, the same recommendation to use a torrent VPN applies.

3. Cloud Torrenting

This method builds on the previous two Popcorn Time alternatives above. For cloud torrenting, you search, find, download and stream torrents, but all these activities are performed in the cloud by the service rather than your own computer or device.

Bitport is currently the leading cloud torrenting service, offering basic free trial accounts!

The files you find and download are saved on an encrypted online cloud-based storage locker where you can keep them, stream them or even download them to your computer or devices (although there’s no need to do this).

Because the torrenting activities happen in the cloud and the downloading never “touches” your IP address or your computer or other devices, it is a very safe way of torrenting. This means a VPN is not strictly necessary, though you may still want one if you choose to download files from the online storage locker to your computer and devices and don’t want your ISP snooping on you.

4. Go “Legit” – Buy Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix

Online streaming services such as Amazon prime, Netflix and Hulu are getting cheaper, better and more widespread all the time. These services are now not much more expensive than investing in a VPN or Usenet so why not go “legit”?

The selection of content available with these services might not be quite as good as those on offer using the other Popcorn Time alternatives listed above but it is getting better all the time. Plus, you won’t have any lingering doubts about your activities or be looking over your shoulder all the time.

Most offer a free trial period, so why not give them a try:

In any case, you can always enhance your experience and overcome any selection issues (perhaps because of where you live) by getting a Smart DNS service, such as OverPlay.

Smart DNS technology allows you to “spoof” your IP address and appear to be in another location which lets you access content as if you lived in that location.

For example, if Netflix' selection is lousy in the country where you live or you want to access Netflix content that is available only in other places (example, Japan), use OverPlay Smart DNS to sign up for and access those versions of Netflix.

Smart DNS is quite affordable and much cheaper than a VPN in most cases.

Other Popcorn Time Alternatives?

If you think we have missed any good alternatives to Popcorn Time that our readers might enjoy, send us a message: suggestions [at] cogipas [dot] com.


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