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Resources for Shared Logins (Bypassing Web Registration with BugMeNot Sites)

Use these resources to bypass compulsory web registration by logging into accounts with shared login information. Using shared login data saves you from having to enter any of your own personal information to access websites.

These terrific resources are handy for accessing one-off sites (maybe to access a particular download or post an occasional comment) or for accessing controversial sites (where you don't want to share any of your personal information with the site).

If you are unsure how these resources work, see the video at the bottom.

For ultimate privacy, access these sites with Tor or a VPN enabled.

BugMeNot: share logins

Simply enter a website into their search bar to see if the community of BugMeNot users has shared any logins for the site you wish to enter.

Free web browser plugins are also available for Chrome and Firefox.

Free login to any site

Enter the site name or URL of the account you wish to access and see if any shared details are available for you to use.

Video Overview

This 2m45s video gives you a quick tutorial in how shared login sites work.


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