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The Arsenal Available to Hackers Just Got A Lot Stronger

Why We Should All Be Worried about the Hacking Team Breach 

In addition to being ironic, the breach of Hacking Team last week has serious implications for everyone.

Hacking Team used advanced surveillance, monitoring and spyware tools on behalf of its clients which included repressive governments as well as the law enforcement agencies of countries such as the USA.

Now, because the tools have been released to the general public as part of last week’s breach, any would-be hackers have access to these sophisticated tools. In other words, every hacker from pros to wannabes can now make use of the leaked, cutting-edge spyware.

The arsenal available to hackers just got a lot stronger and now includes powerful tools that can enable hackers to monitor what individuals, like you, are up to.

All the more reason to protect yourself and harden your security and privacy techniques, including by strengthening your passwords, keeping your operating system and apps updated, and following all our other Top 10 Privacy Tips.

A big leak of hacking tools is ‘causing a bit of mayhem right now’ | via Business Insider




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