Strategic Partnerships

Team up with the good folks here at! 

Achieve your goals together with is a website dedicated to the topics of Internet privacy, VPN services and Usenet providers with an emphasis on keeping your online activities and downloads as anonymous as possible. 

  • Want to blog about these topics?
  • Run a fledgling website on topics similar to 
  • Write for a big website that is not giving you a fair share for your efforts?
  • Or maybe you have SEO, social media, PPC or other skills that you think could benefit

Let's talk! 

How Would It Work?

You would keep the profits your materials generate and would benefit from having more and fresher content.

  • For content strategic partners (i.e. writing new content or transferring existing content), Cogipas would take no cut at all. In general, we would integrate your materials into ours, but you would use your affiliate links in the materials and you keep 100% of what they generate! Yep. If you are interested, contact us to start a dialogue.
  • For non-content strategic partners (i.e., SEO, social media, PPC etc), we would propose that you keep a majority of any uplift Cogipas experiences in its baseline profits from your efforts for a specific period of time. Contact us with your proposal and let's talk!

Why Would We Do This? 

It's getting increasingly difficult to take on the "big boys" (and girls) in the topics that currently occupies.

Forming strategic partnerships is the best way for smaller niche players, like Cogipas and perhaps you, to stay competitive. Joining forces with similar people who are committed to generating quality content on topics of Internet privacy for intelligent readers is the future.

And we want strategic partners, not freelancers. We want people with skin in the game (rather than charging fees) who directly benefit from their time and effort when Cogipas does.

Why Align With Cogipas?

Because together we are stronger as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Partnering up brings synergies.

We are fortunate to have a credible brand, thanks to highly-rated books on Amazon and a website that has been blogging about Internet privacy for over 9 years.

Interested? Get In Touch!

February 9, 2020