Best European Usenet (No DMCA)

Looking for the best European Usenet provider with news servers in the EU? 

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Looking for the best European Usenet provider? 

Our post, best Usenet provider, caters more to an American (and Canadian) audience, so a different post is needed for the best European Usenet providers. Why? 

The needs of Usenet customers in Europe (including the UK) differ from Usenet customers in the United States (and Canada). 

Europe especially has a long and deep history (you might even say love affair) with Usenet that continues to this day, especially in the European country of the Netherlands. 

Best Overall

great, reputable EU newsgroup provider offering free trials and an exclusive discount to our readers


low prices, yet high retention and excellent customer service, with a 7-day free trial

Best in Netherlands

120,000+ uncensored newsgroups and speeds up to 120 MB

Europe Usenet vs USA Usenet

If you live in Europe (including the UK), it makes sense to use a European-based Usenet newsgroup provider. Its newsgroup servers are closer to you and thus faster.

Plus, European Usenet providers are outside the DMCA “takedown” regime that exists in the US. This sometimes means that different content is available or available longer to download from the best European Usenet providers, including new releases.

For all these reasons, the best European Usenet providers are different from those we recommend for the USA (and Canada). American and Canadian Usenet customers should check out our ‘Best Usenet Provider’ post.

Top Tip – It is not uncommon for serious newsgroup users to have accounts with 2 Usenet providers, one based in the USA and the other a European Usenet service provider to maximize the amount of content available, especially new releases. You can also use block accounts to diversify your newsgroup server access and enjoy similar advantages.

Taking into account the differences for European customers, below is a summary of our picks for best European Usenet providers based on factors such as actually having EU news servers, the number of available newsgroups, news server speeds and retention periods.

You’ll note in general that European-based Usenet providers have lower retention periods than their USA counterparts. There is no clear answer as to why. But on the flip-side, many European Usenet providers accept Bitcoin payments.

Best European Usenet: Detailed Comparison

The 3 best European Usenet providers are compared side-by-side below. After the table, you can read more detailed reviews about each one. 

Best Overall 

Cheapest EU Usenet

Best in Netherlands

Monthly cost



€1.83 to €6.63

€2.21 to €7.39

Monthly cost



€2.29 to €8.29

€2.99 to €9.99






5,430 days

2,000 days

2,000 days






256-bit SSL

256-bit SSL




up to 12

2 to 12

Download limits


4 Mbps to unlimited

4 Mbps to 120 Mbps (fast!)

Free Trial

7 days

7 days



• fast speeds (operates its own backbone)

• free Newslazer newsreader 

• accepts Bitcoin anonymous payments

• accepts Bitcoin anonymous payments


Best Usenet for Europe Overall – Eweka Review

Eweka is a very fast provider based in the Netherlands. Eweka’s value-priced 300 Mbit/s High-speed Plan should satisfy even the most hard-core download speed freaks. 

These impressive speeds are made possible because Eweka runs its own 600 gigabits/s backbone infrastructure.

eweka best europe usenet image

Eweka is the best European Usenet provider.

Eweka provides the usual features we expect from a top-ranking Usenet service, including: 

  • a whopping 125,000+ uncensored newsgroups 🙂
  • unlimited data
  • unlimited speeds
  • 5,430 days of retention
  • 99.5%+ completion
  • free Newslazer newsreader (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • 50 connections
  • 256-bit SSL encryption

If you want to find out more, do check out our full Eweka Review, or take advantage of Eweka’s 7-day free trial.

Eweka’s High-speed plan (unlimited) costs only €7.00 per month - that's excellent value for a no limits plan with the most newsgroups. 

Try it 7 days risk-free. 

Cheapest Usenet for Europe – PureUsenet Review

PureUsenet is one of Europe's top Usenet providers thanks to its high retention, low prices and solid customer service.

Here are some of PureUsenet's great features:

  • 2,000 days retention
  • 7-day free trial
  • 6 different Usenet plans for all needs and budgets
  • SSL connections with all accounts to protect your privacy
  • up to 12 simultaneous connections
  • accepts a ton of payment options including Bitcoin
pureusenet image

The lowest price European Usenet provider.

Try it 7 days risk-free. 

Best Netherlands Usenet – XLned Review

usenet bitcoin xlned image

XLned accepts Bitcoin payments.

XLned is widely known as one of the most complete Usenet providers in the EU. Here's why:

  • download speeds of up to 120 Mbps
  • 120,000+ uncensored Usenet newsgroups
  • 2,000 days retention 
  • free SSL encryption with all accounts
  • up to 12 simultaneous download connections depending on the account plan you choose
  • one of the few Usenet providers that accepts anonymous Bitcoin payments for Usenet access


From the universe of possible European Usenet providers above, here again are our top 3 Best European Usenet providers with news servers physically located in the EU.

Best Overall

great, reputable EU newsgroup provider offering free trials and an exclusive discount to our readers


low prices, yet high retention and excellent customer service, with a 7-day free trial

Best in Netherlands

120,000+ uncensored newsgroups and speeds up to 120 Mbps

If you want to do your own research, you can compare all Usenet providers and filter those with news servers based in Europe. 

January 12, 2021

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