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It's Much Easier than you Think

You do all your emailing and almost everything else in the cloud? So why not your file downloading too?

It’s easy, fast, safe and frees up storage on your devices. Plus, you can access your files on any of your devices.

Keep your files in the cloud and stream or access them whenever you want. And if you really want the files on your device - for example to watch some TV shows and movies while traveling without WiFi - you can download them to your device.

It’s really that easy. 

Please always check your local laws before downloading copyright material even in the cloud. does not endorse pirating content. The information on our website is for educational purposes only which you use entirely at your own discretion and risk. 

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The New, Better Way to Download & Keep Files 

If you are an old time torrenter or even Usenetter, it’s super easy to make the transition. Instead of using torrent client or newsreader software on a computer, you do all the downloading online through your web browser or an app.

Downloading your files in the cloud is also safer and private. Your IP address isn’t shared with anyone as it’s the cloud provider doing the actual downloading not your devices.

Similarly, because your files sit on a remote server, the files can’t be unearthed by people snooping around your personal devices.

The cloud offers other advantages too, such as automated subtitles when streaming, connecting with media managers such as Plex and much more. 

Downloading your files in the cloud is also safer ... your IP address isn’t shared ... your files are hidden away from anyone snooping your devices

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August 2, 2022