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Best Cloud Torrent Providers 2017

Cloud Torrent File-sharing: A New, Fast and Safe Way to Download Torrents

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The best cloud torrent service providers let you find and download BitTorrent materials but to the cloud, rather than your computer, keeping your activities completely private.

The big difference between regular torrenting vs cloud torrenting is that instead of downloading the content to your computer or device, you download it to an encrypted server in the cloud. From the torrent cloud servers you can then either download the content files directly to your computer or other devices, or stream them right from the cloud server for instant enjoyment.

Below we give all the details about our recommended cloud torrenting services. For the uninitiated, we also discuss in detail the pros and cons of cloud torrenting vs regular torrent file-sharing. In a nutshell, the benefits include:

  • anonymity (your IP address and computer never “touch” the torrents)
  • speed (you can download 1GB in about 5 minutes)
  • accessibility (you can stream the saved content to any of your devices)

Best Cloud Torrent Providers

Most cloud torrenting providers offer free trial accounts, so you can try it free before you buy.  Free accounts are typically limited to 1-2 GB storage and to only 1 download “slot” (simultaneous download).

In addition, most cloud torrenting services allow video streaming from within your web browser, and offer unlimited speeds on their premium accounts. Some even accept payment via Bitcoin.

TorrentSafe Review is a fast, private cloud torrenting service which you easily use right in your web browser to circumvent any Bittorrent throttling by your ISP.

There is no need to download any torrent client or other software.

No registration is required to use TorrentSafe and downloads are not logged or tracked. However, if you would like notifications of completed torrent downloads, you can provide an email address (we’d recommend you provide a disposable or fake email address).

Regarding user experience, TorrentSafe is very user-friendly. Simply copy and paste the .torrent or magnet address URL to the TorrentSafe URL box. You can view the progress of your downloads as well as you’re your completed downloads.

Torrents will expire after 24 hours and so users are encouraged to use the Automatic Download feature to start their downloads as soon as torrents are ready.

Top Tip – Free accounts are now open for a limited time and allow a maximum 3 torrent downloads per month.

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TorrentSafe's premium accounts cost only $29.95 per year. However, you can earn a free premium account in exchange for promoting the service. Details about this are sketchy so you’ll have to contact them through their website for more details.

The biggest drawback about TorrentSafe is that it doesn't allow seeding let alone enable users to control seed settings. 🙁  That will not appeal to hardcore downloaders.

Also, because TorrentSafe does not filter or block any files (a good thing for your privacy) this also means unsafe downloads or viruses can sneak through. So be careful about the files you download before opening them. Scan all downloads before opening them.

Bitport Review sports an attractive interface and rigorously checks all downloaded items for viruses. Trial accounts are free, offering 2 GB of cloud storage and 1 download slot. With a free trial account you can torrent and stream anonymously with unlimited speeds. However, traffic is capped at 100 MB per hour, downloading files from the cloud server to your devices is by unsecure HTTP connections and files are not scanned for viruses.

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Premium plans without any restrictions on speed or traffic and offering huge storage, multiple download slots and secure file downloads with virus checking start as low as $5 per month.

Bitport offers a full 30-day money back guarantee on its premium accounts and accepts Bitcoin as well as traditional payment methods.

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Seedr Review (for the Pros) offers free accounts with 2 GB of storage and 1 download slot.  Users can install a free Chrome browser extension to make downloading ridiculously easy. We particularly like Seedr’s online music player and ebook reader.

Seedr’s premium plans range from $5.95 to $19.94 (for up to a whopping 1TB in storage and unlimited download slots).

Fans of private torrent sites will also appreciate that Seedr can offer static IP addresses and seeding (sharing) ratios of 5:1.

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GetMyTorrent Review (now shut down) is was a free cloud torrenting service based in India. GetMyTorrent has since shut down. It allows users to download files over the P2P BitTorrent network using its servers as a proxy. GetMyTorrent prides itself on a high-speed torrent downloading experience which imposes no seeding or leeching limitations.

As a cloud-based service there is no need for a torrent client or any other software.

GetMyTorrent is very easy to use. All you need to do is copy the magnet link or download the torrent file of the torrent. You then paste the link into the appropriate box on the GetMyTorrent site.

You can  earn more cloud storage space by referring people to sign up for the service.

GetMyTorrent takes user privacy very seriously and does not collect personal information except for technical administrative purposes. They do not rent, sell or share personal information with third parties.

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Why use Cloud Torrenting?

The main problem with torrenting is that although it is a very efficient and decentralized way to download content, it is far from anonymous. The clue really lies in the words often used to describe downloading with the BitTorrent protocol: peer-to-peer (P2P) and file-sharing.

Basically, every other person downloading the same file as you can see your IP address (and you can see theirs), which makes it very easy for snoops to trace and monitor what you and other people are downloading. This can lead to warnings from your ISP, speculative invoicing (demands for a cash settlement), and even the threat of lawsuits. Not nice.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Torrenting

The usual way to download torrents anonymously is to use a reliable VPN service to hide your true IP address and encrypt your traffic while downloading torrents.

As we think that anyone who downloads in the regular way without the protection of a VPN should seriously reconsider their methods, for the comparison below we will assume that traditional torrenters are using a VPN.

Cloud Torrrenting Advantages

  • Everything is done through a web browser interface, so no specialized software is required, and all your content can be accessed from any Internet capable device.
  • Basic cloud torrenting accounts are free! Handily enough, even premium accounts cost roughly the same as a VPN service.
  • No VPN is required, as downloads are made to the IP address of your cloud torrent provider (if you then download items from the cloud torrent server to your computer or device, this download is hidden from your ISP thanks to the SSL (https) encrypted connection between you and the cloud server).
  • Cloud servers usually have dedicated high-speed and high-bandwidth data connections, so the torrent downloads are fast. You won’t believe how fast! Typically, a 1 GB file will download in as little as 5 minutes.
  • If you start to download a file that is already stored in the cache on the providers’ servers (it has already been downloaded by another user of the provider) then the content often becomes available instantly, i.e. no waiting time at all for many popular torrents!
  • Streaming any content you downloaded from the torrent cloud server (as opposed to watching it after downloading it to your local computer or devices) is a less controversial activity in many places (and a grey area in many more), so you can watch your downloaded content in this way without having to worry.
  • Downloading content to the torrent cloud server does not use any of your own bandwidth, and therefore does not slow down your Internet connection (although transferring files from the cloud to your computer or devices will).
  • Using a cloud torrent service can protect you from viruses (especially if you then later stream rather than download the content). Even if you download the saved content from the cloud to your computer or devices, services such as constantly scan all content on its servers for viruses and malware, which can provide an extra layer of vital protection.
  • Mobile users, particularly those with limited storage space, can benefit greatly by streaming content direct from the cloud to their device, as there is no need to store large video or audio files locally.
  • Using a cloud torrent service is also great for member-only torrent sites that require high seeding ratios. Not only does the cloud service continue to seed your torrents 24/7 without using your own bandwidth, but many cloud torrenting providers also feature high seeding ratios as part of their premium plans.
  • Lastly, cloud torrenting is a great way to download and share torrents and watch content you’d rather keep completely private, such as adult content, especially if you stream it. This is because the content never “touches” your computer or devices, so there are no files or even filenames for anyone to find on your devices or accidentally come across. And once the content is saved to the cloud torrent server you can watch it on any of your devices, not just the one you used to initiate the download.
zBigz alternative Bitport cloud torrent image

Figure: makes downloading torrents fast, easy & safe (main web interface shown)

Cloud Torrenting Disadvantages

  • Outside of downloading torrents, a cloud torrenting service provides none of the additional privacy, security, and geo-spoofing advantages of a VPN. Remember that a VPN has 10+ uses.
  • Although downloading to the cloud is fast, downloading these saved files from the cloud to your computer or devices tends to be no faster than regular torrenting with a VPN. This means that cloud torrenting is usually best for those who are happy to stream movies and other content from the cloud.
  • Even when using the “HD” option offered by some cloud torrenting services, streamed content will always be of limited resolution. In other words, there is usually no point in downloading high quality 1080p video if you plan only to stream them.
  • Keep in mind that cloud torrenting providers represent a relatively new business. It remains to be seen how dedicated they are or will be to protecting customer’s privacy, especially compared to long-standing and reliable VPN providers. For example, most cloud torrenting services request plenty of personal information during signup*. Do they keep logs of what files their users download? Will any of this information be handed over to third parties, if requested? Under what circumstances?

*These are important questions. However, at the same time, nothing we have seen prevents you from using a disposable email address and fake personal information during sign-up. If combined with anonymous payment methods a fairly high level of anonymity can be achieved (although this should never be regarded as full, 100% guaranteed anonymity).

Best Cloud Torrent Service Wrap-up

A cloud torrent service is a very safe way to download content. That's because the content is downloaded to the provider’s cloud servers, not your computer or devices. This protects your true IP address from ever being “leaked” (as can happen when downloading torrents to your home computer or devices and the VPN connection drops unexpectedly) and keeps your torrent activities safe from monitoring.

They are a great alternative way to download torrents, especially popular torrents or other materials that you may prefer not “touch” your computer or devices. Cloud torrent services are also great for those focused on streaming or with limited bandwidth and/or storage space (such as most mobile users).

The best cloud torrent providers we recommend are TorrentSafe or Bitport. Given that they offer a basic account for free, they are a fantastic way to access the wealth of content available via BitTorrent.

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Free Trial
Download Speed (Trial/Free)
Not Guaranteed
Online Storage (Trial/Free)
1 GB
2 GB
Download Speed (Premium)
Based in
Netherlands (?)
Cost per month
$5 to $15
$3.95 (was $5.95)
Cost per year
$29.95 (was $49.95)
2 months free
Private Payments
Money-back Guarantee (Premium)
30 days
10 days
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