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Free Torrent VPN: Which is the Best?

Why using a free VPN for torrenting (or any online activity) is a bad idea. Sure you save money, but you “pay” for a free torrent VPN with your privacy.Don’t follow the crowd and use a free torrent VPNTorrents can be an awesome way to download and share files, whether it’s movies, games, or apps. […]

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We’re going to give you some insight into, a lesser known name in the industry Is any good? Review: The Bottom is a solid newsgroup provider, with good speeds and unlimited data, but it fails to live up to similarly priced providers, who offer things like free SSL and newsreaders. I […]

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Best VPN for Torrenting 2017

Fierce debates rage about what is the best VPN for torrenting. Check out our top torrent VPN picks, which we fully back up with good reasons, including in a side-by-side comparison. Which torrent VPN you choose is probably the most important decision you will make in achieving safe and anonymous torrenting to protect yourself from […]

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CheckMyTorrentIP Alternatives (How to Confirm your Torrent IP Address)

CheckMyTorrentIP Alternatives R.I.P. Unfortunately, the torrent IP checking site,, is no longer up and running. Thankfully, there are some good alternatives, three in fact. The details of how to check your torrent IP address are covered under the torrent-specific checks section of our page, Is My VPN Working? These materials also cover DNS Leaks and Connection Drops. […]

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It’s Time for Every American to Use a VPN

Enough is enough. It’s time for Americans to fight back and take back our Internet privacy! Use a VPN to cloak your Internet activities from your ISP.USA Internet Privacy is Going, Going, GoneWithin the past two weeks, both the Senate and House of Representatives voted to repeal regulations on what Internet service providers can and […]

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ExtremeUsenet Review 2017 (Best European Newsgroup Provider?)

Check out our assessment of this Dutch newsgroup provider in this ExtremeUsenet review. This guy didn’t read the ExtremeUsenet review & missed the coupon deal The Bottom Line:Extreme Usenet is one of the best newsgroup providers for European users if you are after low prices and do not need high retention rates.. ​​ExtremeUsenet Review: The […]

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VyprVPN Torrent Review 2017

In this VyprVPN torrent review we dig deep into their recent improvements and new features. Read our VyprVPN torrent review and swoop in on a VyprVPN deal too Has VyprVPN done enough to put them among the best VPN providers on the market? Let’s find out.VyprVPN PlansVyprVPN keeps it simple, with just two plans to […]

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Supernews Review 2017

Time for a Supernews review to see how it stacks up to the other Usenet providers currently on the market Is Supernews a good Usenet provider? Supernews Usenet Review: The Bottom LineSupernews is a fast, reliable, and affordable Usenet provider. If you are new to Usenet you may find it lacks the choices and extra […]

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Best VPN for Poland 2017

Of the hundreds of VPN providers available, we examine which is the best VPN for Poland Which is the best VPN for Poland? Internet privacy is under attack in Poland, and it’s coming from more than one direction. For starters, the Polish government passed a new surveillance law that requires internet service providers to retain two […]

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