TPB Down? Try These Pirate Bay Alternatives

The Pirate Bay keeps going and going. But it’s not the only torrent site out there. When TPB goes down, check out these Pirate Bay alternatives. Founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay’s ability to weather countless storms, from lawsuits to criminal cases, without sinking has been pretty impressive. And it still remains the most popular torrent […]

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Best Black Friday Usenet Deals (Cyber Monday too) [EXPIRED]

Black Friday to Cyber Monday is the time to get the year’s best deal on Usenet. Black Friday Usenet DealsBlack Friday to Cyber Monday is the perfect time for nabbing top deals on Usenet newsgroup subscriptions.The deals for Black Friday 2019 & Cyber Monday 2019 are now over. You missed out, sorry!   We’ll add 2019’s deals to […]

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Save Big on these VPN Black Friday 2019 Deals [EXPIRED]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019: get the year’s biggest discounts on a VPN. Black Friday 2019! This year, it falls on Friday 29 November. And that means Black Friday VPN deals galore.  Plus, in many cases, the savings will be available right over the weekend into Cyber Monday too.  In fact, many VPN services now celebrate […]

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DrunkenSlug Usenet Indexer Review

DrunkenSlug is a premium (paid) Usenet indexer. Should you pay for it? Or stick to free options?Review of DrunkenSlug: you might be seeing a lot of this Login page in your future. In Usenet circles, DrunkenSlug is considered one of the best Usenet indexers you can get. But with its private membership model, many people haven’t […]

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Review of ViperNews Usenet

ViperNews is an exciting, new & independent Usenet provider. Should you sign up now or wait? In this ViperNews review, we’ll highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this new Usenet provider so that you can make an informed decision on whether they’re the right newsgroup service  for you.ViperNews is a new, up and coming Usenet provider. […]

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Best Kodi VPN (Updated)

Don’t fall victim to the Kodi crackdown – be safe and use this Kodi VPN.  What’s the best VPN for Kodi?The crackdown against the popular streaming software Kodi continues and shows no signs of slowing down. Not only are copyright holders (such as Hollywood studios) and competitors (such as Netflix and Amazon) going after Kodi third-party […]

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Best Anime Torrent Sites

Can’t get enough anime? These top anime torrent sites will keep you busy!These are today’s best anime torrent sites. Are you looking to re-watch your favorite anime series, like Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist? Or maybe you want to find out what all the fuss is about for the hottest anime of 2019? Anime torrent sites […]

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Usenet Specials for Labor Day 2019

Save big with these Usenet specials for Labor Day this year. You won’t see deals like these again until late November when Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday finally come around. Labor Day is your last chance to grab Usenet specials this good until November.The USA celebrates Labor Day on Monday, September 2, 2019 and […]

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Torrent vs Streaming: Which is Better?

With the rise of streaming platforms, is there any point to downloading torrents anymore? Absolutely! Which is better for content: torrenting or streaming? Which is safer?What better way to unwind than with an episode of your favorite TV series or the latest blockbuster movie? Whether with friends or alone, we love curling up with a good […]

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