Sonarr Review

Sonarr is primarily known for its Usenet automation capabilities, as the TV-focused yin to Radarr’s (movie-focused) yang. But you can use it for manual downloads and other stuff too. But is Sonarr worth learning and setting up? Or are there better alternatives? Find out in our full Sonarr review. [+] ‘Sonarr Review’ contents (select to expand) […]

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  • Updated April 18, 2022
  • Usenet

Lidarr Review

Audiophiles, rejoice! Now you can automate your music downloads with Lidarr, just like you automated your movie grabs with Radarr and TV grabs with Sonarr. In fact, all three programs are almost identical, other than the kinds of content they focus on. But is Lidarr actually good? And is it worth the effort spent setting it […]

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DrunkenSlug Registration Open

Update: DrunkenSlug registration is now closed! We’ll try to update this page the next time they open. DrunkenSlug is hands down one of the best NZB indexers around. Unfortunately, it’s so popular that sign ups are closed for most of the year. But it’s your lucky day! DrunkenSlug registration is now open. Just make sure […]

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Best Seedbox in 2022

Seedboxes are excellent tools for torrenting and downloading content, storing files, and even streaming. But it’s hard to find good info on them without pouring through random forum posts. And then there are so many providers out there to choose from. Cogipas is here to help. Keep reading for our picks for the best seedbox of […]

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  • Updated March 30, 2022
  • Cloud

Best Free Audiobook Index

Do you love audiobooks? Do you want to know how to get more of the audiobooks you like… for free? Our list will help you find the best free audiobook index for your needs, whether it’s an audiobook torrent site or audiobook NZB site for Usenet users. Keep reading for more. [+] ‘Best Free Audiobook Index’ contents […]

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Radarr Review

Whether you’re looking to fully automate your Usenet setup or just make manual downloads easier, you’ve probably come across the name Radarr. It’s the movie-focused counterpart to the popular TV automation program, Sonarr. But what does it do exactly? And is it worth using? Find out in our full Radarr review. [+] ‘Radarr Review’ contents (select to […]

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Binreader Review

Binreader is a newsreader that specializes in NZBs, also known as an NZB downloader. It’s been around for over a decade and still has a dedicated user base. But is it any good? Or are you better off with another program? Find out in our Binreader review. [+] ‘Binreader Review’ contents (select to expand) Index Is […]

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Complete List Of Text-Only News Sites

There are many reasons you may want to reduce your bandwidth usage when surfing the ‘net, like slow internet, a spotty connection, or data limits. That’s where text-only news sites come in. They allow you to take in the day’s events, whether you’re on the subway or stuck in an emergency, with less loading times and […]

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Dead NZB Sites: Complete List and Alternatives

The internet is littered with the corpses of dead NZB sites. But as they say, Usenet goes on. We’ve compiled a (nearly) complete list of all the dead NZB indexers out there, plus we’ve got some worthy alternatives for your favorite site that bit the dust.Remember – If you use a poor-quality Usenet provider, it won’t […]

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Thundernews Deal 2022: Today Only!

Update: The 2/22/22 deal is dead! We’ll update this page the next time Thundernews has a sale. Looking for the latest Thundernews deal? To celebrate February 2nd, 2022 (or 2-2-2022), Thundernews is offering unlimited annual plans for $2.22 per month, which comes to $26.64 for the whole year. And they’re even throwing in a free […]

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