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screenshot of a Usenet search engine (women in bikinis)

Best Usenet Search Engines for 2018

Finding files and content on Usenet can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Learn how to use 3 different kinds of Usenet search engines.Usenet can look like a real mess if you don’t know how to search for what you are looking for.Luckily, there are several different ways to […]

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screenshot of ExpressVPN torrenting webpage

How to Use ExpressVPN for Torrenting (March 2018 Update)

ExpressVPN has everything you need for safe and fast p2p torrent file-sharing. Learn how to use ExpressVPN for torrenting. Using ExpressVPN for torrenting is ideal. Why? Fast download speedsLots of quality server locations all over the worldIts HQ is outside the long arms of the USA and the EUKeeps no logs of your activities to ensure anonymous […]

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uncensored usenet newsgroup list alt binaries search engines image

Uncensored Usenet Newsgroup List and Search

Use these alt.binaries search engines or an uncensored Usenet newsgroup list to find the content you are looking for and fast.The uncensored Usenet newsgroups you seek are out there. Check a full Usenet newsgroup list or alt.binaries search engine.Have you heard about all the amazing (crazy?) stuff available on Usenet and want to check it […]

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TorrentFreak logo

TorrentFreak’s ‘Which VPN Services Keep You Anonymous’ 2018 edition

TorrentFreak is a trusted source of information about VPN services. It’s out! TorrentFreak’s highly anticipated annual VPN questionnaire results are now out for 2018. Read it here.It’s always one of TorrentFreak’s most popular and commented upon posts every year.TorrentFreak’s questionnaire focuses mostly on VPN logging policies but also on other privacy and security aspects too. The […]

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usenet automation tips image

Usenet Automation Tips

Usenet automation tips based on the wise words of Reddit users. Some recent posts on Reddit about Usenet automation inspired us to capture and convey the most important takeaways for our readers.Usenet nirvana exists when all your favorites TV shows and movies and other media content are automatically downloaded to your computer. Ahhh.To reach Usenet automation, […]

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best usenet providers image

Best Usenet Provider (Updated March 2018)

The best Usenet provider means access to lots of uncensored newsgroups at a good price, a free trial period, privacy protections like SSL and no logging, high retention rates, plenty of connections and fast download speeds. Which is the best Usenet provider in 2018 for uncensored newsgroup downloads? The best Usenet provider will let you download from […]

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