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Best Usenet Provider 2018

The best Usenet provider offers uncensored newsgroups access, good value, a free trial, privacy protections and fast download speeds.

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Which is the best Usenet provider in 2018 for uncensored newsgroup downloads?

Using the best Usenet provider to download from newsgroups will let you access a staggering number of videos, images, audio and software applications, completely uncensored, and at fast speeds.

Usenet is also a safe way to get the content you love. This is thanks to strong (SSL) encryption used to protect the connections between you and the Usenet servers as well as the fact that Usenet providers rely on maintaining their customers’ privacy as a key of their business model.

We should also not forget, this being Usenet, that these services let you to participate in the zany, chaotic, and completely uncensored world of newsgroup discussions, if you like. Enjoy!

Quick Answer to Best Usenet Provider

There are now over 100 Usenet providers to choose from. These are the top 4 Usenet providers in our opinion:

  1. Newshosting – best value for money, lots of newsgroups, good speeds, free newsreader & VPN
  2. TweakNews – value-priced & excellent completion rates
  3. Giganews – expensive but most newsgroups, best customer service & proven user privacy
  4. UsenetServer – fastest Usenet intended for experienced users

BTW, if you are new to Usenet or confused about it, check out How to Use Usenet.

Best Usenet Provider 2018: Side-by-Side Comparison

The table below summarizes and compares these best Usenet provider picks, based on up-to-date research. Scroll down to see a detailed description of each Usenet service. And scroll further down to see data on all 100+ Usenet providers as well as a guide on what to look for when trying to figure out which Usenet provider is best for you.





Overall Best Usenet

Best Completions

Best Quality

Best Speeds

Monthly cost



exclusive 44% discount!

$8.85 (€7.50 )

exclusive 42% discount!



exclusive 60% discount!

USA servers





Europe servers











3333 days

2500 days

2367 days

3333 days







256-bit SSL

256-bit SSL

256-bit SSL

256-bit SSL







30 to 60





Free Trial

14 days / 30 GB

10 days / 10 GB

14 days

14 days







Free, easy-to-use newsreader included

Free VPN for annual subscribers

Free search & download app

Excellent customer service

Free Mimo newsreader 

Free fast newsreader included

Let's now look at each of these 4 Usenet providers in more detail. 

Overall Best Usenet Provider – Newshosting

best free usenet trial newshosting image

Newshosting is the overall best Usenet provider for 2018 as it ticks all the right boxes

Boasting uncensored and unrestricted access to over 100,000+ newsgroups, with a 3333 days retention period, and a 99% completion rate, Newshosting also features 30-60 concurrent connections as well as unlimited speed and data transfer.

Newshosting costs $8.34/mo (annually) or $9.99/mo (month-to-month). It also has the industry's most generous free trials available of 14 days / 30 GB.

The fact that Newshosting keeps no logs of your newsgroup activities, plus the fact that transfers are protected by strong 256-bit SSL encryption, means that it will keep your Usenet activity private. For those who want maximum privacy protection, Newshosting also offers a free VPN service, which it throws in for annual subscribers.

While more experienced users may already have settled on a favorite Usenet newsreader software, Newshosting offers a very fast, good and free Usenet browser, making the service a great starting point for newcomers to Usenet. Newshosting allows a whopping 30 to 60 connections, ensuring fast download speeds.

Best Usenet Provider 2018 for Completions – TweakNews

best usenet provider completions tweaknews image

Tweaknews is the best Usenet provider for completions

  • Based in the Netherlands which helps to maximize completion rates
  • Prices start as low as €2.00, meaning there’s something for all budgets
  • 99%+ completion rates
  • Unlimited speeds available through “Ultimate” monthly plan
  • Fast downloads
  • Free trial available for 10 GB / 10 days, letting you try before you buy
  • Up to 40 connections per account
  • 256-bit SSL encryption protecting each connection
  • 2,500 days retention

Highest Quality Usenet Provider 2018 – Giganews

Is Giganews the fastest Usenet provider image

Giganews is packed with great features making it the best Usenet provider for those who can afford it 

The $14.99/mo pricetag for Giganews' headline Diamond plan may scare some people off, but they also have a Pearl plan starting at just $4.99/mo (see screenshot).

Giganews is best known for its high-quality customer support and its fast, free newsreader, Mimo, bundled with all plans.

If you prefer to try out Giganews before committing to it, they offer a generous 14-day free trial for all plans too.

To learn more visit Giganews or read our detailed Giganews review.

Giganews' 14-day free Usenet trial (select to enlarge)

Best Usenet Provider for the Pros – UsenetServer

UsenetServer Review image

​UsenetServer is probably the best Usenet provider for heavy, advanced users of binary newsgroups

UsenetServer carries over 100,000 newsgroups including a massive number of the binaries newsgroups. You can check for yourself at UsenetServer’s uncensored newsgroup search and its up-to-date full newsgroup list.

You can also take advantage of UsenetServer’s 14-day free trial.

UsenetServer has one of the industry’s highest retention periods at over 2836 days and allows unlimited data access with up to 20 concurrent secure (SSL) connections. Lastly, its custom global search tool makes searching newsgroups a snap.

Newcomers to Usenet might want to steer clear on UsenetServer, but advanced Usenet users should definitely check it out.

Honorable Mention: Best Usenet Provider for Images & Videos – Easynews

Easynews fastest Usenet provider image

EasyNews is the best Usenet provider for those looking for ease of use, especially for images and videos

Easynews is perfect for those completely new to Usenet as it offers a web-based interface which makes using Usenet as easy as using Google. Just search, preview and then watch or download. Easynews makes finding videos, images and audio files that easy.

Easynews offers a free 14-day trial (visit > select ‘Usenet Plans’ > ‘Free Account’), so you can always try it first risk-free.

Go to Easynews or read our full review.

EasyNews search demo

Easynews' newsgroup search couldn't be easier

Compare All Usenet Providers (100+ Newsgroup Services)

The chart below compares 100+ Usenet providers. It is inspired by That One Privacy Site's VPN and Email comparison charts.

Once you take a look at the details below, we think you'll agree with our choice for the best Usenet provider, but you can research the data for yourself and reach your own conclusions. Happy hunting!

How to Choose the Best Usenet Provider for You

Every Usenet customer is different. Some are heavy daily downloaders while others may be newsgroup weekend warriors. Some are happy to splurge while others are on a tight budget.

Maybe you are new to Usenet and appreciate a package bundled with a free Usenet browser/newsreader and VPN, while others might already have their favorite tools in place.

In other words, the “best Usenet provider” for you might be different than that appealing to your friend or that guy on Reddit who is always going on about this or that Usenet provider.

Here's an overview of the things you should look at when trying to determine which Usenet provider is best for you.

  • Price: Expect to pay around $8 to $20 per month, with discounts for purchasing longer periods. It is increasingly common for providers to include VPN protection with longer orders.
  • Data transfer limits: the higher the limits, the more you can download (hint: unlimited data is good!)
  • Number of newsgroups: this includes binaries newsgroups, which contain image, video, music and software files you can download. If you are interested in a specific newsgroup, you should search newsgroups carried by a provider carries before signing up for its service.
  • Retention period: this is how long, usually measured in days, the Usenet provider keeps older newsgroup posts. The higher the retention period, the more binaries will be available to download. Retention periods typically start at around 1200 days, but the best Usenet providers offer 2800+ day retention periods.
  • Privacy protections: this includes things such as the provider’s privacy policy, and how strong the encryption they use to protect downloads from prying eyes (with 256-bit SSL fast becoming the industry standard). For maximum privacy, select a provider (like those above) that keeps no logs or records of what you download, or which newsgroups you subscribe to.
  • Completion rate: there are few things in life more irritating than downloading a file, only to find that it stops at 90% completion because the remaining parts are not available. Nearly all Usenet providers claim 99%+ completion rates, but take this with a grain of salt. Completion rates can vary for a number of reasons and so it is often a good idea to also use a secondary Usenet block account to maximize your completion rates.
  • Usenet Server Locations: The closer you are to the Usenet provider's newsservers, the faster your downloads. For example, if you are a UK or European Usenet customer, the best Usenet provider for your needs will be different than for customers based in the USA or Canada.

There is No “One Size Fits All” Solution

Do remember, however, that the performance of any given Usenet provider can vary depending on factors such as:

  • your location
  • the time of day you download content
  • how your ISP deals with encrypted or heavy traffic

Fortunately, this is exactly what free trials are for. We fully encourage you to take advantage of free trials, so that you can “try before you buy” and find out which Usenet provider truly is best for you.

Is it Necessary to Use a VPN with Usenet?

It is common these days for Usenet providers to offer “plus VPN packages” which are thrown in for free with longer-term signups. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your computer (or device) and a VPN server, through which all your Internet traffic passes.

Using a VPN has a number of big advantages:

Your ISP cannot see what you get up to on the Internet: Using a VPN provides an additional layer of protection when you are downloading from Usenet in that not even your ISP will be able to detect that you are downloading from Usenet. All your ISP will be able to see is that you are connected to a VPN server (which is perfectly legal almost everywhere.) Your Usenet downloads will all occur inside the safety of the VPN's encrypted tunnel. This way, your ISP will not be tempted to throttle or so-called “shape” your download speeds.

Your IP address appears to be that of the VPN server: this improves privacy by masking your true IP address from anyone on the Internet trying to watch your activity.

You are protected when using WiFi hotspots: because your Internet connection to the VPN is encrypted, your data cannot be hacked when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, even if you connect to a compromised access point. So, if you access Usenet on a hotspot – for example, while on vacation or traveling – you remain safe and your Usenet activities private.

A VPN is a great general purpose privacy tool (see our Best VPN posts), and makes a great “plus” when choosing a Usenet plan, especially as these packages typically throw in a VPN at a much lower price or even for free.

Best Usenet Provider for 2018 Wrap-up

The quality of good Usenet services continues to grow, with ever increasing data transfer limits, number of newsgroups on offer, retention periods, and so on.

We are also thrilled about the trend of Usenet providers adding low-cost (or free) VPN packages to their plans, as these help further protect the privacy or fellow newsgroup downloaders. In fact, we are confident that the additional privacy safeguards offered by Usenet will continue to see more and more torrenters migrating to Usenet too (read Usenet vs Torrent File-sharing).

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