Cloud Usenet (Best Online Downloader for Newsgroup Files)

Cloud Usenet is the hot, new easy way to download files from newsgroups in complete safety and at lightning fast speeds using an online Usenet downloader. 

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Cloud Usenet: download newsgroup files fast & anonymously with a cloud-based online Usenet downloader. 

There are already a ton of great reasons to use Usenet for all your downloading needs. It’s fast, safe, and can even be automated with the right combination of tools and software.

But there may be a way to improve your Usenet experience even more, by taking it to the cloud.

While Usenet is almost as old as the Internet itself, cloud Usenet is relatively new. This article will explain what it is, why you should use it, and how to get started.

Advantages of Cloud Usenet

So, what exactly are the advantages of Usenet in the cloud over the regular ol’ Usenet that people have been using for decades? There are quite a few, actually. 

Cloud Usenet Offers Better Speeds

One of Usenet’s biggest strengths is how fast it is. But what if we told you that using a cloud Usenet service could make it even faster?

Cloud Usenet services have access to faster and more efficient setups than most people can hope to have at home, letting the online Usenet downloaders pull down files at blazing speeds.

Cloud Usenet is More Secure

Usenet also offers great privacy and security, especially compared to peer-to-peer/torrents.

But cloud Usenet improves on this even further, since all your newsgroup downloading is done in the cloud – and not on your computer.

Your device only gets involved if you decide to download or stream the finished file once the online downloader grabs it, but even that is encrypted with SSL.

Cloud Usenet is faster, safer, and cheaper.

Using an Online Usenet Downloader Costs Less

With cloud Usenet, you don’t need a separate Usenet provider, since the cloud service acts as your provider and gives you access to newsgroups.

And since the cloud Usenet services offer free plans, it’s possible to access and download newsgroups without the monthly fee that’s typically required for Usenet. 

Cloud Usenet Gives You Streaming Capabilities

Want to save some space on your hard drive? Once your Usenet newsgroup file has finished downloading in the cloud, you can download it to your computer or other device – or you can just stream it.

Not only does this save time and storage space, streaming media files is less controversial than downloading and saving them on your home computer.

Your Cloud Usenet Downloads are Accessible from Any Device

With cloud Usenet, you’re not restricted to accessing the downloaded files only from your computer.

You can stream your cloud Usenet downloads right to your smartphone or tablet. Or, if you prefer, you can save them to these devices too. But, as we pointed out above, streaming them is safer and will save precious storage space on your mobile devices. 

Here are the Best Cloud Usenet Services

So, now that you’ve got an idea of why you should embrace cloud Usenet, which online newsgroup downloader should you use? Here are the best two we’ve found.


Offcloud supports Usenet right from the get-go. That means you won't need a Usenet provider or newsreader client. Easy! 

Simply find an NZB for the Usenet content you want, upload it to Offcloud and the files will be downloaded quickly and safely, then stored/saved/held for you in your cloud account storage before you know it!

Offcloud’s free plan is limited but still enough for you to try it and figure out whether you like it.

If you do, the good news is that its premium plan is very affordable! Only $5.00 per month for an annual plan ($59.99/yr) or $9.99 if you prefer a month-to-month plan.

Pros & Cons of Offcloud:

  • Free plans available 🙂
  • check
    Unlimited cloud storage with premium plan
  • check
    Also works for cloud torrenting
  • check
    Cheaper than (our #2 choice below)
  • check
    Compatible with lots of file-sharing sites
  • check
    Accepts Bitcoin payments
  • Only 3 downloads per month with a free plan

Offcloud Review

Giganews logo

Overall Rating (4.5 of 5 stars)

  • Offcloud is a cloud-based Usenet downloader.
  • free or $5/month
  • Offcloud is a great free way to get started with cloud Usenet and the low price of its premium accounts will appeal to hardcore newsgroup downloaders.

Pros & Cons of

  • Free plans available
  • check
    Auto-complete feature that searches backup providers for missing/incomplete files
  • check
    VPN included with premium plan
  • check
    Includes KODI add-ons
  • check
    Also works for cloud torrenting
  • check
    Accepts Bitcoin
  • More expensive than Offcloud (our #1 choice above)

Like Offcloud, has an easy-to-use interface. boasts a Tier-1 Usenet backbone and has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to improve your Usenet download completions.’s premium plan is $6.75 per month (5.85€/mo) for an annual plan at $81 (69.99€) per year or $11.50 (9.99€) if you prefer to pay month-to-month.

premiumize pricing image
edit Review

Giganews logo

Overall Rating (4 of 5 stars)

  • is a cloud-based Usenet downloader.
  • free or $6.71/month (€5.75/month)
  •'s website could be better designed, but the service is solid with fast newsgroup downloads in the cloud. 

How to Use Cloud Usenet

Okay, so now we know what Usenet in the cloud is and two of the best cloud Usenet providers.

But how exactly do you use it? It’s actually pretty easy.

1. Sign Up for a Cloud Usenet Service

First things first, you’ll need to actually sign up for one of the above cloud Usenet providers.

For Offcloud, all you have to do is provide an email address, and you’ll automatically be taken to your account screen. requires you to confirm your email address first.

cloud usenet signup image

Enter your email to create a cloud Usenet account in seconds.

For both, we’d recommend signing up with a disposable email address, to best protect your identity.  

2. Find the NZB file for the Usenet Content You Want

In order to download a Usenet binary, you’ll want to upload its corresponding NZB file to the cloud Usenet service. If you’ve never used an NZB before, it’s basically the equivalent of the torrent file or magnet link your torrent client (such as µTorrent or qBitTorrent) uses to initiate the download process.

The best way to get an NZB file is to search for it on a Usenet search site or NZB indexer site. Fortunately, as you’ll see at these links, there are some good free ones.

Search for the file you’re looking for, and then save its associated NZB file. You’ll be needing it for the next step.  

3. Paste or Upload the NZB File to the Cloud Usenet Downloader

Once you’ve got the NZB for the Usenet file or collection of files you want, you’ll need to paste or upload the file at Offcloud or Premiumize. You’ll have to be logged into your account to have access.

Both services feature a handy little box where you can paste it, along with a button below that simply says either ‘Start Transfers’ or ‘Download’. This will start your download.

Upload NZB to Offcloud

offcloud upload nzb image

Upload your desired NZB file to Offcloud to start downloading from Usenet! 

Upload NZB to upload nzb file image

Submit the NZB for the Usenet content you want into's 'New Download' window. 

4. Wait for the Usenet Download to Finish

So, you’ve uploaded the NZB and your file is now downloading in the cloud. Now it’s time to… wait. Download times will vary depending on the size of the file, of course. 

But not long! Because, like we said, cloud Usenet is even faster than normal Usenet, which is already pretty darn fast.

5. Download or Stream the Completed File

Okay, so your file is finished downloading in the cloud. The only thing left to do is enjoy your newly gotten content, either by downloading it or by streaming it from the cloud to any device you like.

Which method you choose depends on your preferences and how much storage space you have. Just keep in mind that streaming content is less controversial than downloading and saving it.

Fortunately, both cloud services let you access your files via a secure HTTPS connection, which encrypts the data as you save or stream it to your selected device.

cloud usenet image

Downloading Usenet files to the cloud is awesome!


So, we’ve managed to cover what cloud Usenet is, explained how to use it, and even filled you in on which cloud Usenet services to choose.

That should be everything you need to start taking your Usenet to the cloud, instead of doing it straight from your computer. As we pointed out, it’s faster, safer, and cheaper.

Just make sure you’re staying safe, by downloading via HTTPS (or while using a VPN) and watching out for viruses.

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August 24, 2020

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