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Best Online Privacy Tools & Resources

Our Massive List of Tools, Apps & Resources for Online Privacy & Anonymity

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This resource page intends to serve as a handy place you can always come to for all of your online privacy and Internet anonymity needs. It will be kept as up-to-date as possible. Consider bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Most Recommended Online Privacy Tools & Resources

If you look at nothing else on this page of resources, these are the ones that you should know about. We find ourselves recommending these resources again and again. We use them because they make our lives easier, and we're confident you’ll agree too.

Tor browser

Tor Browser / The Onion Router (free & open source) will slow you down a little, but is a secure, reliable and free way to browse the web privately and anonymously.


Private Internet Access VPN and IPVanish VPN are our overall recommended “go to” VPNs for anonymizing your online activities, hiding your IP address and shielding your Internet connection.

If you are looking for a VPN based outside the USA, we recommend ExpressVPN, PureVPN (see review) and NordVPN (see review).


TrueCrypt (free & open source) will not be developed further, but the last stable version, version 7.1a, still works fine. TrueCrypt remains one of the best disk encryption apps around.(If you are hesitant for any reason, some alternatives are listed below under ‘File & Drive Encryption'). Read this first.


Lastpass (free) is a must-have product for managing the dozens upon dozens of passwords that we all have nowadays. See our detailed Lastpass review.


CCleaner (free) clears history records from Windows, web browsers and apps and also removes temp files, logs, recent item lists etc. Further includes tools for file and drive wiping and for duplicate file detection/deletion.


TAILS (free & open source) is a live operating system and represents the ultimate in online anonymity (it's what Edward Snowden used). But it is a little complicated and for this reason is for advanced users only. A live operating system means one you can boot directly into from a computer from a USB or CD, leaving no traces of your activities behind. TAILS also forces all connections through Tor.

Private/Anonymous Web Browsing

  • Tor Browser / The Onion Router – free & open source software for anonymous web browsing
  • Private Internet Access VPN (PIA VPN) – best overall VPN service at great value
  • IPVanish VPN – another excellent and fast VPN service
  • NordVPN – best anonymous VPN based outside the USA, offering ‘Tor over VPN' and ‘Double VPN' features
  • ExpressVPN – fast but pricely VPN based outside the USA
  • PureVPN – based outside the USA with the highest number of servers (100+ countries), ideal for streaming and gaming
  • TorGuard – reputable VPN and proxy service
  • What's My IP links (all free) – confirm your true IP address is masked when web browsing

IP Address Tests & VPN Checkers

Web Browser Plug-ins

  • HTTPS Everywhere (free) – EFF's tool “enforces” secure connections
  • Privacy Badger (free) – EFF's anti-tracking plug-in
  • Disconnect (free) – blocks online tracking
  • AdBlockPlus (free) – blocks ads, cookies and other tracking elements
  • Ghostery (free) – effective anti-tracking tool, but skip the “GhostRank” opt-in during installation
  • PixelBlock (free) – a Gmail extension for Chrome that prevents tracking when you open and read emails

Alternative Search Engines

  • Ixquick – non-USA based search engine respecting privacy (no tracking)
  • DuckDuckGo – encrypted web searches that aren't tracked
  • Disconnect Search – anonymizes search queries on the major search engines
  • Anonymous Search Engine – keeps no access logs and encrypts all visitor traffic

File & Drive Encryption

Password Managers

  • Lastpass – free and reliable password manager
  • Dashlane (free) – a password manager that also lets you change one, some or all your passwords in one go (for example, in the event of a major data breach). See our full Dashlane review.


Temporary Email Addresses

Secure Email

  • GnuPG – OpenPGP standard for email [advanced users only]

Instant Messaging

Torrent File-sharing / P2P

  • µTorrent (free) – widely used file-sharing client app
  • qBittorrent (free) – alternate file-sharing client app

Usenet Newsgroups

  • GrabIt (free) – Usenet newsreader app tailored for binaries (media) downloading
  • SABnzbd (free) – automated Usenet newsreader app [for advanced users]

Privacy & History Clearing Apps

  • CCleaner (free) – effective clearing of history, cache, cookie, MRU, temporary, and log files along with file & drive wiping features
  • BleachBit (free & open source)

File & Drive Wiping

  • CCleaner (free) – easy file, free space and disk wiping
  • Directory Snoop (premium) – forensically examine your storage media right down to the cluster level and wipe files, free space or entire drives
  • Eraser (free & open source)

File Recovery (Undelete)

Forensic Analysis of Drives & Storage Media

  • EnCase
  • Fred (aka Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device)
  • Directory Snoop – an affordable forensic analysis “lite” app that analyzes storage media at the cluster level

Easy-to-Use Free Proxies

  • SecureTunnel – encrypts and scrambles URLs (so they look like making it great for work or school

Website Copier Apps

Books on Online Privacy

Online Privacy Checks

People Search Databases & Opt-out

Online Password Generators

Password Strength Checkers

Website / Account Breaches

Private Payment Methods

Other Online Privacy Resources


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