HackNotifier Alternatives

Hacknotifier.com is Offline but here are some alternatives 

Hacknotifier image

HackNotifer https://www.hacknotifier.com/ went offline during the week of 2 April 2015. It was a service that let you check whether your email address was showing up in hacker lists and databases.

Similar services you can check for hacked accounts and mass data breaches include:

  • PwnedList – extensive coverage of harvested account credentials
  • HaveIBeenPwned – check to see if account has been compromised in a data breach (with notification service)
    • Pwned websites – comprehensive list of recent massive data or account breaches

To see what HackNotifier.com was like, see the screenshots below or check out an archived version of HackNotifier via WayBackMachine.

Identity Theft Protection

To protect yourself from identity theft, use a service such as IdentityForce that detects the illegal selling of your personal, financial, and credit information.


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