Safe Guide to Getting Content (Movies, TV Shows, Live Events & XXX)

Learn about all the alternative ways to download content and which methods are best for the type of content you are looking for. 

There’s so much good content out there these days – from movies to TV shows, live events to XXX – that it’s enough to make your head spin.

But who the heck can afford access to all of it? You’d have to shell out around $450 per month to be able to stream or download all the top stuff.

And what if you are blocked in your country or location from watching the content?

Of course, there are many alternative, free ways to get and watch the content you love. But is it safe?

Don’t worry. This guide will answer all those questions – and more.

We’ll start with a quick summary of all the alternative methods for getting and watching content. Then, we’ll take an in-depth look at each method, including their pros and cons. And finally, we’ll let you know which method is best for each type of content.

You’ll be streaming your favorite series or downloading that movie everyone’s talking about in no time.

Best Alternative Ways to Get Content

Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular ways to stream or download content online.






Online Downloader


Movies & TV Shows - New Releases

Movies & TV Shows - Classics

Live Events


Pros & Cons of Each Alternative Method

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


Torrenting remains one of the best alternative ways to watch your favorite content, especially new releases of movies & TV shows.

Plus, torrenting is free and easy to learn. To stay safe, you’ll have to spend a few bucks a month on a reliable, no-log VPN, but it’s still great value.

For the best torrenting experience, use Private Internet Access VPN.  PIA keeps no logs and has a strong track record of protecting the privacy of its torrent users.

Torrenting is not the fastest method around for downloading content, but it’s perfectly fine for most people.

Torrenting is not suitable for live events and is only so-so for XXX.


Streaming has surged in popularity in recent years – and for good reason. Nothing is easier than streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, live events and XXX.

Streaming is free, though some people do opt for premium sites since they eliminate some of streaming’s biggest downsides, like ads,haphazard quality and even the occasional malware.

Streaming services can sometimes lag behind when it comes to the newest releases, at least if you’re looking for the best video quality.

And unless you use a good download manager app, like JDownloader, you can’t save the content you stream to watch it later or when you’re offline. This is one of the main reasons people prefer torrents or Usenet over streaming: you get to keep the files, allowing you to add them to your collection or share them with a friend.

Finally, streaming services come and go like the wind, and you can never be sure which sites are safe and which are dangerous honeypots. Just one more reason you should always use a VPN when streaming.

For the best streaming experience, use PureVPN.  PureVPN is fast, inexpensive and keeps your real IP address hidden.


Usenet is super-fast and completely safe, even without a VPN.

Usenet does cost a little money and also has a learning curve, but once you’ve mastered it, you’re set. You can use Usenet like torrents, searching for or downloading individual files, only with faster speeds and greatly improved safety. Or you can automate the entire process with a setup that automatically downloads the newest movies and TV shows the instant they become available.

However, Usenet is only good for watching live events after the fact (download recorded broadcasts), but it’s one of the best sources for XXX.

Usenet isn’t as widely known as torrents or streaming – but it should be. Check out our complete guide on How to Use Usenet to learn more. 

To maximize your Usenet downloads and access the most uncensored newsgroups, get an unlimited Newshosting monthly plan. 

Online Downloaders (aka Cloud Torrenting/Usenet)

Online downloaders let you do your torrenting (and Usenet downloading) completely in the cloud. They’ll even let you store your files there, where you can stream or download them at your convenience.

You can use an online downloader for all the same content that you can get through torrenting and Usenet. And some online downloaders even let you grab streaming content, including XXX, and from file hosting services too.

Online downloaders have many advantages: they are easy to use, very fast and private. But they’renot free,apart from some basic accounts. Plus, you’ll need to download the files to your devices if you want to watch them offline, though the downloads from the cloud server are faster and safer than from torrents.


A seedbox is basically an online downloader without the user-friendly frontend. This means they are morepowerful (for example, you can seed torrents), but are harder to learn and use.

Seedboxes do cost money but are safe and very fast. And if you use a private torrent tracker, they make it easy and safe to maintain a good seeding ratio, without hogging your bandwidth or system resources.

There are plenty of seedboxes around, but we recommend RapidSeedbox, especially for beginners.

What Content Are You Looking For?

Above, we looked at the alternative methods for downloading and watching content. Now, let’s break it down by type of content.

New Releases of Movies & TV Shows

If you’re looking for the newest movie & TV show releases, Usenet is probably the best, fastest & safest method – but most people still prefer the ease of torrenting.

Older Releases of Movies & TV Shows

If you prefer movies & TV shows from yesteryear (you can never watch Aliens enough times, can you?), streaming will be your best bet. That is, unless you want to build your own collection, in which case you’ll need to use Usenet or torrents.

Live Events

For live events, streaming is the only real choice, though there’s nothing worse than a broadcast crashing halfway through its airing or at exactly the wrong moment.

If you’re okay with watching the broadcast after it’s aired, torrenting and Usenet are your friends.


Fans of XXX are well served by all of the alternative methods listed in this post, though which is best will depend on what you are into (movies, video clips, images, stories, etc.).

Wrap Up

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and it’s the same for getting the movies, TV shows, live events and XXX content you love to watch.

Use one or more or all of the alternative methods above to get what you are after!

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January 1, 2021