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Use Temporary Email Instead of Giving Out your True Email Address

Use these Free Temporary Email Tools to Protect your Privacy

Only share your your real email address with trusted people and sites. Use these free temporary email address services (aka fake email or disposable email) whenever possible to stay anonymous and keep your email address private, out of the public domain and away from the hands of online trackers and profilers.

You should especially consider using these services when signing up for or communicating with unknown websites or services. You can also use them in conjunction with Anonymous Payment Methods to keep safe your personally identifiable information when buying goods and services.

Recommended Free Temporary Email

Be Stingy Sharing your Real Email Address

By using the temporary email address services above, your actual email address is disclosed to as few parties as possible. This is important as, unfortunately, once your private email address is picked up by spammers, unscrupulous marketers or even hacker collectives, there is no controlling what might happen to it.

Top Tip – Make sure to enable any “email bug” blocking features supported by your webmail provider or email app (usually seen as a ‘block images’ option). Otherwise, Internet marketers and other unwelcome snoops can verify that your email account is active when your email displays such images.

Of course, for ultimate privacy, visit and use these services with a web anonymizing service enabled such as a VPN (virtual private network), proxy or Tor. This way, your true IP address won't be stamped on any server logs these services may be keeping.



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