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Take a Few Moments to Perform these Online Privacy Checks Right Now

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Take these online privacy tests

Check your online privacy with these handy resources. The results of this privacy check will give you just a small glimpse into how online tracking and profiling works. These resources are grouped thematically and are all free. Our favorites are preceded with the ⇒ symbol.

General Tracking

EFF's Panopticlick determines if your browser configuration is rare or unique and thereby easy to track

MyPermissions shows you which websites and online apps have access to your information, helping shed light on your privacy settings

StayInvisible tests to see what tracking methods work on your browser.

Google (& YouTube)

Account History collects in one place your activities across Google’s wide array of services including what you searched (search history) and even the places where you have been (location history)

⇒ To see how accurately (or not) Google has profiled you check Ad Settings.

To see what apps have access to your Google account (and thus your profile) check Apps connected to your account. Select the ‘Revoke access' button for any apps you don't use or don't trust.

Visit the Google Dashboard and enable the option “Send me monthly reminders to check my account activity“. This will help you stay on top of recent activities on your account.

⇒ YouTube‘s history features include what YouTube videos you have watched as well as your YouTube search history


⇒ Facebook's Activity Log (https://www.facebook.com/me/allactivity) shows all your recent Facebook activity

Your Facebook Likes (https://www.facebook.com/me/likes) can tell a lot about you (most people keep all their likes public but there is no reason for you to do so especially if you would rather keep some of your likes secret)

Regularly check your Facebook privacy settings and tools directly at https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy

The site YouAreWhatYouLike analyses your personality based solely on your Facebook likes, giving a small glimpse into how online trackers and profilers may be using the same information

Wolfram Alpha's analytics tool for Facebook (signup required) maps your online relationships

Cambridge’s Apply Magic Sauce examines your Facebook profile presents you with sometimes very interesting results, giving you yet another glimpse into how online tracking and profiling may be utilizing the same techniques


⇒ MIT’s Immersion analyzes the metadata found in your email often revealing a detailed description of your personal and professional interactions

Sites such as PwnedList Monitoring and HaveIBeenPwned let you check if your email address has been compromised appearing in publicly available hacked databases

Torrent File-sharing

⇒ ScanEye demonstrates how easily snoops can monitor your torrent file-sharing activities by your IP address

I Know What You Download

People Search Directories

Search your name and/or telephone number in any number of free databases to see the information about you that might already be widely available, including

* * *

With the results of this privacy check now in hand, explore our site and start your journey on becoming more private and even anonymous online.



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