What’s the Best HideMyAss Alternative?

HideMyAss is a very popular VPN but there are some HideMyAss alternative VPNs that go above and beyond to protect your privacy and enhance your online anonymity. 

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Don't use HideMyAss as your VPN service! Use these alternatives instead. 

With an estimated 250,000+ subscribers, HideMyAss (or ‘HMA’ for short) is one of the most widely used VPN services in the world. And their more than 800 servers across 190+ countries make up one of the largest VPN networks.

That’s why it came as no surprise to see AVG Technologies – the Czech company made famous by its popular AVG Antivirus – buy HideMyAss for a reported $40 to $60 million in 2015. It’s not the first tech company to fetch over seven figures, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Why We Don’t Recommend HMA VPN

That acquisition is also why we’re recommending that you do NOT use HideMyAss.

Why? Because big, corporate owners simply cannot be counted on to value your privacy as much as they should. And privacy is one of the main reasons to use a VPN, after all.

HMA’s Track Record for Protecting User Privacy

Of course, the ownership change is just the latest in a long line of privacy issues from HMA, which date all the way back to the “LulSec Fiasco” in 2011, when the company turned over a former user’s logs to the FBI.

HMA Keeps Logs

And if you value your privacy, you definitely do not want a VPN that keeps user logs. HMA not only keep logs of its user’s activities, but as the case above shows it is also willing to disclose those logs to third parties in response to complaints or requests for disclosure.

Not good.

In fact, that was even HideMyAss’ rebuttal to the criticism they’ve received since 2011. They claim their service was never meant to protect users who do illegal things online, and that their service is only intended for bypassing censored websites and other content.

HMA is on the Pricey Side

Ok, but if that’s the case, then HideMyAss is massively overpriced. At $6.55 to $11.95 per month, HMA is more than twice as much as the popular (and way more privacy-oriented) Private Internet Access VPN, for example.

Even if you don’t place a high priority on remaining anonymous online and don’t plan on doing potentially controversial activities like torrent file-sharing or downloading from Usenet newsgroups, HideMyAss is simply not worth the subscription cost.

There are plenty of VPN providers that provide the same features for less – and don’t keep usage logs either to protect their users.

HMA is OK-ish for a Few Things

The above warnings being given, there are people who don’t necessarily need maximum protection from a VPN.

For example, maybe you just want to access geo-blocked content, like watching Netflix US from outside of the country. In that case, HideMyAss is perfectly fine.

And we would rather you use HideMyAss VPN when using public Wi-Fi hotspots than nothing!

Enough about HMA. Here are our favorite HideMyAss alternative VPN providers.

Best VPNs to Use as HideMyAss Alternatives

Whether you’re looking for the best privacy features, the fastest speeds, or just the cheapest alternative to HideMyAss, there’s a VPN provider here for you.

For Privacy Buffs: NordVPN

Why you should use NordVPN as an alternative to HMA:

  • Excellent, advanced privacy features
  • Based outside of the US in Panama
  • Openly p2p torrent file-sharing friendly

If you’re looking for a HideMyAss alternative that provides great privacy and anonymity, NordVPN is an excellent choice. Of course, none of our recommended VPN providers keep logs, and they all provide strong privacy features and encryption.

But NordVPN offers a few really cool and unique options that most VPNs can’t match, including ‘Double VPN’ and ‘Onion Router over VPN’ modes as well as 2,048-bit SSL encryption.

And NordVPN is the only provider on our list that’s not based in the USA, far away from the reach of Uncle Sam and his evil brother, NSA.

HideMyAss Alternative NordVPN Features

NordVPN has a lot going for it

All of that adds up to make NordVPN one of the safest and most secure VPNs on the market. Even PCMag agrees, recently giving NordVPN its seal of approval.

And NordVPN is also very torrent and p2p-friendly, in case you were wondering.

And with plans from as low as $2.75 $3.29 per month, it’s still a lot cheaper than HideMyAss. NordVPN even has a whopping 30-day money-back guarantee for your full peace of mind.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for NordVPN today and take advantage of our exclusive Cogipas discount!

Best Value HideMyAss Alternative: Private Internet Access VPN

Why Private Internet Access is a good alternative to HMA:

  • Low, affordable prices
  • Strict no logging policies
  • Tons of servers
  • Works perfectly for torrenting

For those of you who would love to cut your HideMyAss bill in half, look no further. With plans from a measly $2.91 per month for a two-year plan and even just $5.95 for month-to-month, Private Internet Access’ prices simply can’t be beat.

But that doesn’t mean you’re getting a substandard VPN service. No sir.

For example, PIA is “the” VPN for torrenting as it provides strong privacy and security, including across up to 5 devices at the same time. In fact, they’re also our favorite VPN for Android.

And Private Internet Access boasts a whopping 3,560 servers around the world, giving them one of the biggest VPN network footprints around.

If Private Internet Access the VPN for you, than today’s your lucky day because Cogipas readers can enjoy a special discount, but make sure to sign up now while it still lasts!

HideMyAss Alternative Private Internet Access Features

Lots of bangs for your bucks with Private Internet Access

Fastest HideMyAss Alternative: IPVanish VPN

What makes IPVanish a good alternative to HMA?

  • Fastest VPN we’ve used
  • Fully supports torrent file-sharing
  • No logs and takes user privacy extremely seriously

We have been touting for years that a good VPN is a must-have tool for every Internet user. But, a VPN does usually cause a small reduction in your Internet speeds, which can have a noticeable impact on your web browsing, streaming and torrent file-sharing.

But the difference is barely noticeable with IPVanish, which we consider the fastest VPN on the market. Whether you’re streaming or torrenting or just browsing the web, IPVanish’s speeds are great. In fact, IPVanish is just an all-around awesome VPN, from its user privacy policies to its cutting edge apps and features.

And IPVanish currently offers an exclusive additional discount to Cogipas.com readers. That brings its price down to an unbeatable $5.52 per month for an annual plan or $8.50 monthly. There’s even a 7-day money back guarantee so you can fully try it out before you’re committed.

Plus, you can use a single account on up to 10 devices at the same time

HideMyAss Alternative IPVanish Pricing

IPVanish is good value for the sped and features it offers

Instead, Hide Your Ass with a Better, Cheaper & Faster VPN

To be clear, all of the HideMyAss alternative VPN providers we outlined in this post have a strict no logging policy – unlike HideMyAss.

That means the Internet activities you conduct with your chosen VPN will be anonymous and safe from snoops and other prying eyes. To give an extreme example only to drive the point home: even if law enforcement agencies were to go after these HideMyAss alternative VPNs, there’d simply be no personal information or data for the VPN to turn over that could tie to you any specific activities conducted via the VPN.

And to further protect your anonymity, all three of our above-recommended HideMyAss alternatives accept Bitcoin payments too. Even if you won’t pay with Bitcoins, the fact that a VPN accepts Bitcoin payments is yet another indication that it takes the privacy of its customers very seriously.

In short, these HideMyAss alternatives provide better features and stronger privacy at an even lower price. It’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Which one will you choose?






• no logs

• based outside USA

• double VPN


• no logs

• value priced


•most servers 

•no logs

•money-back guarantee

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