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Torrent Sites That Have Been Shut Down

Here are all the major torrent sites that have been shut down in the last 14+ years. These are the major torrent sites that have been shut down since 2004.While torrenting is as popular as ever, the BitTorrent road is littered with the corpses of shut down torrent sites, whether they were directly seized by authorities […]

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NordVPN Torrenting Guide: is it the Best Torrent VPN?

NordVPN fully supports torrenting, keeps no logs, has lots of fast servers worldwide, uses strong encryption, is inexpensive and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. What’s not to like using NordVPN for torrenting?  Find out why NordVPN is the best torrent VPN on the market today. NordVPN will appeal to even the most paranoid of torrenting users. Based in […]

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How to Use ExpressVPN Torrenting

ExpressVPN has everything you need for safe and fast p2p torrent file-sharing. Learn how to use ExpressVPN for torrenting. Using ExpressVPN for torrenting is ideal. Why?Fast download speedsLots of high-quality servers located all around the world (+ servers)Its HQ is outside the the USA & EUKeeps no logs of your activities to ensure anonymous p2p file-sharingHas an […]

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How to Use PureVPN Torrenting for Safe File-sharing

In 5 minutes you can achieve safe p2p file-sharing using PureVPN torrenting protection thanks to its easy-to-use app (which includes built-in torrent settings) and fast proxy servers. Get PureVPN torrenting protection now.5 Minutes is All it Takes for PureVPN Torrenting PureVPN is among the best VPNs for safe torrenting. Its large number of fast proxy servers […]

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How to Unblock The Pirate Bay (TBP)

If The Pirate Bay website is blocked for you, here’s how to unblock it and get the torrents you want. Here’s how to unblock The Pirate Bay.If you’re having trouble accessing or, you’re not alone. They’ve been taken down yet again.The good news is, there are over a dozen mirrors where you can still […]

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Alternatives to Torrenting (Safer Ways to get Files than Torrent File-sharing)

Do all the headlines about torrent users getting “caught” have you worried? Here are some safer alternatives to torrenting for downloading the files you want. There are plenty of safer alternatives to torrenting. It’s always unpleasant to read stories and headlines about people using torrents that get caught.  However, the truth is that it is not hard to […]

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Best VPN Servers for Torrenting (Which Country to Choose?)

There are some advantages to torrenting from VPN servers in specific countries. Here are the most torrent-friendly countries to choose from when selecting a VPN server location. Wondering what country to select when choosing a VPN server for torrenting? Read on!If you live in certain countries, like the United States or United Kingdom, you’re probably well […]

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BitTorrent Proxy vs VPN for Torrenting

There are some important differences between using a BitTorrent proxy vs VPN for torrenting. Learn about them and then choose the best one for you. Which is best: BitTorrent proxy vs VPN for torrenting?If you have arrived at this post, it’s probably because you want to keep your torrent downloading activities safe and private. Well done. While […]

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