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How to Use ExpressVPN for Torrenting (June 2018 Update)

ExpressVPN has everything you need for safe and fast p2p torrent file-sharing. Learn how to use ExpressVPN for torrenting. Using ExpressVPN for torrenting is ideal. Why? Fast download speedsLots of quality server locations all over the worldIts HQ is outside the long arms of the USA and the EUKeeps no logs of your activities to ensure anonymous […]

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Free Torrent VPN: Which is the Best?

Why using a free VPN for torrenting (or any online activity) is a bad idea. Sure you save money, but you “pay” for a free torrent VPN with your privacy. Don’t follow the crowd and use a free torrent VPN. Torrents can be an awesome way to download and share files, whether it’s movies, games, or apps. […]

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TorrentFreak’s ‘Which VPN Services Keep You Anonymous’ 2018 edition

TorrentFreak is a trusted source of information about VPN services. It’s out! TorrentFreak’s highly anticipated annual VPN questionnaire results are now out for 2018. Read it here.It’s always one of TorrentFreak’s most popular and commented upon posts every year.TorrentFreak’s questionnaire focuses mostly on VPN logging policies but also on other privacy and security aspects too. The […]

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How to Download Torrents Anonymously

Step-by-step details for anonymous torrenting. Psst. To download torrents anonymously use a VPN service like ExpressVPN. Learn How to Achieve Anonymous Torrent File-sharingTorrents can be downloaded in a few easy steps, but doing so anonymously means taking a few extra steps in the process. However, the extra steps are not difficult and are well worth the effort. […]

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Is Popcorn Time Safe?

How to use Popcorn Time safely (with a VPN), what it is and some PT alternatives too. Hey! Looking to make Popcorn Time safe? Use ExpressVPN »Fans of online streaming often ask, “Is Popcorn Time safe?” The answer is, no, but it can be.Popcorn Time is so convenient to use it’s easy to forget that it’s […]

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Torrent Monitoring Protection (Hide your p2p File-sharing from Snoops)

Everything you need to know about torrent monitoring and how to protect your p2p file-sharing from being snooped on. Snoops not welcome! Torrent monitoring is forbidden here. There are two major types of torrent monitoring. Your torrenting activities can be monitored by:your Internet service provider (“ISP”) – the company providing your Internet access  . third party snoops – use […]

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Looking for Sites Like ‘You Have Downloaded’? There are some alternatives out there. The site gave everyone quite a scare when it first went live many years ago. Today, it now lies dormant and if you visit the site you’ll something like the screenshot above.When it was up and running, you could search a database […]

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How to Find Torrents with these Torrent Search Tips

Learn about the best ways how to find torrents, including by using torrent search sites. You can find torrents you are looking for in many ways including torrent search sites. To find torrents, it is better to use the best torrent search sites rather than general Internet search engines, such as Google or Bing. This is […]

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CheckMyTorrentIP Alternatives (How to Confirm your Torrent IP Address)

CheckMyTorrentIP alternatives that display your torrent IP address. R.I.P. CheckMyTorrentIP.comUnfortunately, the torrent IP checking site,, is no longer up and running. Thankfully, there are some good alternatives. Here are four of the best:TorGuard > > > TorrentIP Check > details of how to check your torrent IP address are covered under […]

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Best Cloud Torrent Providers 2018

Cloud Torrent File-sharing: A New, Fast and Safe Way to Download Torrents. Need help choosing the best cloud torrent provider? The best cloud torrent service providers let you find and download BitTorrent materials but to the cloud, rather than your computer, keeping your activities completely private.The big difference between regular torrenting vs cloud torrenting is that […]

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