MailExpire Alternatives

MailExpire is no more, but here are some good choices. 

Screenshot of website closed down, but there are many MailExpire alternatives. 

MailExpire was one of our favorite temporary (fake) email account generators. But alas it is no longer up and running. It went down and stayed down around February or April 2015. 

However, there are still plenty of good (and free) choices available.

“Millions of inboxes. All yours.”

Screenshot of mailinator.jpg

Mailinator is a good MailExpire alternative.

Guerrilla Mail
“Avoid spam and stay safe – use a disposable email address!”

Screenshot of guerrillamail

Guerrillamail is another solid MailExpire alternative.

“Your temporary email / trashmail / disposable email address.”

“Use Maildrop when you don't want to give out your real address.”

"Bouncr stands between unwanted emails and your inbox"

"Just pick a random email address!"

10 Minute Mail
"free, anonymous, secure, temporary email accounts"

"provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, disposable email address"

Fake Email Generator
"You can write username and write or search domain that you like"

" is a no-click disposable email system"

"Disposable and Free email address."

"Free & fast, temp emails in 2 easy steps"

"Anonymous e-mail in seconds"

Moakt Mail
"Temporary email service"

"free auto-creating email addresses, strong spam blocker, short learning curve"

33Mail (requires registration)
"Unlimited free disposable email addresses"

MailCatch (but uses http rather than https)
"reate temporary disposable mailboxes, in a completly anonymous way"

My Trash Mail (but uses http rather than https)
“Use our anonymous email service to protect your private email address from getting spammed.”

What Was MailExpire Good For?

Temporary email addresses are very practical when you need an email address, but don't want to give out your personal email account address. 

Using temporary email addresses when you need them will prevent spam and keep your private email address out of databases that marketing and hackers may use. 

For more details about the benefits of using temporary email addresses, see Using Disposable Temporary Email in our Ultimate Privacy Guide.

However, if you want to get serious about email privacy, check our Secure Email Services (including Free Accounts) guide.

July 15, 2023

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