Use NZB360 Alternative PowerNZB to Download from Usenet with Android

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How to Download Binaries from Usenet to Android Devices

Usenet Android app NZB360 seems to be getting all the attention these days for grabbing binaries from Usenet with Android. But we actually prefer an alternative, PowerNZB. We think most people, except advanced users, will also prefer using PowerNZB to NZB360.

Easy to Install

PowerNZB is an Android app for Usenet that is intuitive and easy to use, much more so than NZB360. PowerNZB is free but not available on Google Play. You have to download it from the app’s official website at

Don’t be worried or suspicious about it not being available on the Google Play app store. PowerNZB was given the all clear by our virus checker and it hasn’t caused us any problems over the months we’ve been using it.

Easy to Set Up

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Once installed, go to PowerNZB’s Settings (gear icon at upper right) and enter your Usenet details (server, port, username and password). For a quick start, PowerNZB’s default settings are fine.

Of course, even more important than the app you use for downloading Usenet on Android, is the Usenet service provider you use. Choose your Usenet provider carefully. For solid binary newsgroup access at good value, consider Newshosting as your Usenet service provider.

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Easy to Search

PowerNZB lets you search for NZB files in 3 different ways. Under its Search tab you’ll find a Web View search which is fine for most people. Or you can use your own web browser to visit one of our recommended NZB indexes.

  • if you are new to NZB files, read the materials under this NZB sub-heading

Under PowerNZB’s Search tab, you’ll also find RSS feeds and support for newznab (if you don’t know what these are, don’t worry and just stick with the Web View NZB searching).

Easy to Download

Once you find an NZB file of interest, select it and PowerNZB will go to work much like a newsreader on your computer, downloading all the necessary pieces from Usenet, putting them together and saving the media to your Downloads folder (or whatever folder you designate in the Settings).

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Surprisingly Good Download Speeds

We were pleasantly surprised at PowerNZB’s speeds which were pretty good (we used it with a Newshosting Usenet server account). Although speeds were not as fast as on our desktop computer, items downloaded surprisingly quickly.

You can monitor your downloads under PowerNZB’s Home and Status tabs. PowerNZB’s built-in File Explorer found under the Files tab is also handy for managing your downloads.

Easy to Recommend

All in all, a very good experience which leads us to recommend PowerNZB to our readers wanting to download binaries from Usenet with Android devices but who find NZB360 a bit too complicated for its own good.

Go grab the free PowerNZB Android app today at!



September 16, 2023

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