Privacy Eraser Review (Free and Pro)

Free App is Great for Most Users; Pro App will Appeal to those Needing Serious File Shredding and Wiping

Privacy Eraser Free Review

Privacy Eraser Free (or PEF for short) is a dream privacy app. It has a clean and intuitive interface with features to remove the trace data left behind by your web browser, operating system and hundreds of apps.

In one easy, intuitive interface you can clear all those pesky sources of trace data on your computer. As to be expected, PEF covers all the basics such as your browsing history, cache, search history, auto complete and any cookies you want cleared. But PEF goes much further, clearing Windows recently used item records, temporary files, system artifacts and other sources of trace data on your computer that can reveal what you have been up to.

PEF comes preloaded with a long list of default items you can select to clear including the traces left by a variety of popular apps used for playing videos, viewing images, sharing torrents, opening documents, etc. PEF also allows you to build and add your own custom items for cleaning, if needed, so you never have to worry about not being able to clear a potential source of trace data.

Privacy Eraser Free

Figure: Privacy Eraser Free (select to enlarge)

In addition, PEF has built-in file shredding and drive wiping capabilities enabling you to securely delete (wipe) digital items, files and data on your disk drives and other storage media. The free version accommodates single-pass overwriting, while its premium version Privacy Eraser Pro (below) can accommodate wiping methods from 1 to 35 passes.

Figure: PEF's Drive Wipe (select to enlarge)

Figure: PEF’s Drive Wipe (select to enlarge)

PEF also comes in a portable version that you can run from a USB memory stick.

Privacy Eraser review bottom line: as you can see, PEF has a lot of powerful features for a free app, covering all your trace data removal needs and providing decent file shredding to drive wiping too.

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Privacy Eraser Pro Review (Premium version)

Privacy Eraser Pro (or PEP) has all the same features as PEF above (in a different, more traditional display). However, if you need the added security of being able to permanently delete digital items beyond any chance of recovery, Privacy Eraser Pro lets you conduct file shredding and drive wipes of up to a whopping 35-passes.

Figure: Privacy Eraser Pro supports wiping up to 35 passes

Figure: Privacy Eraser Pro supports wiping up to 35 passes

Figure: Privacy Eraser Pro has zillions of plug-ins to clear all your apps

Figure: Privacy Eraser Pro has zillions of plug-ins to clear all your apps (select to enlarge)

Even more so than PEP, PEF is fully customizable, offers the ability to schedule cleaning sessions, and its robust plug-in support means that a plug-in will almost certainly exist for all your apps, from the most popular to even the most obscure.

Privacy Eraser Pro ¢ is available for a free 30-day trial.

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