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Stream TV Shows, Movies, Sports and Live Webcasts Easily with a VPN

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How to unblock and stream TV, movies and live content restricted at your location 

If you can’t watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports or entertainment programs online because of where you live (due to geographic restrictions) or because of slow speeds, using the right VPN can unblock them for you and provide you with super-fast streaming.

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What Is Streaming?

We hear the word ‘streaming’ more and more but many people aren’t fully aware about what it really means. Streaming refers to watching and listening to videos and audio in real time online without having to first download the media file to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Only a few short years ago, accessing geo-restricted websites and live webcasts for entertainment was not easy. But now VPNs have made it not only possible but easy. Today, regardless of where you live, you can access a wide array of online entertainment TV shows and movie channels including NetFlix, Hulu, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, Skype, ITV Player, QuickFlix Rai TV, TV Catchup UK and RTE Player as well as live webcast events such as the Oscars, FIFA World Cup, NFL Super bowl, Formula One, NBA, Olympics, and so on.

All at the click of just one button – see a sample screenshot below – and often in crystal clear high definition (HD) too.

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In fact, more and more people prefer to stream TV shows using the Internet since it is hassle-free and can be watched any time (sometimes called, time shifting). Bypassing the geographic restrictions imposed on content including TV shows and live sporting and entertainment events is now easier than ever thanks to streaming VPNs.

However, country-specific restrictions and slow speeds can make it difficult for you to watch content on the official websites from your location and in your own sweet time.

If you want to watch your favorite streaming TV shows or live events without any interruptions, you should check out a VPN service catering to online streamers. A specialized streaming VPN offers lightning fast speeds specifically optimized for streaming and also offers convenience by allowing your connection to seem like it originates from a different location of your choosing. You can also use a VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt your connection to protect your identity.

Best VPN for Streaming TV, movies, sports, live webcasts & more: PureVPN

PureVPN ¢ is far and away the best streaming VPN service. Don’t just take our word for it: PureVPN has good press on sites such as Life Hacker», Gizmodo» and even the New York Times» regarding its high-quality unblocking and streaming services.

Top Tip – This review  discusses PureVPN as a streaming VPN, but PureVPN is also a great VPN for everyday use and for torrent file-sharing too (see our general PureVPN review).

With a professionally managed network of servers spread across 100+ countries over 6 continents, PureVPN empowers you to bypass restrictions and access geo-restricted sites and live events including those listed at the start of this article.

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Lightning Fast Speeds and No Limits

In particular, PureVPN lets you experience all that live streaming has to offer at unparalleled speeds. This is because, for important events, PureVPN will even set up specific optimized servers and communicate the information to its customers ensuring you can access the streaming services at seamless speeds.

One of the perks of choosing PureVPN is that there are no restrictions: you can stream as much content as you want without worrying about any data limits.

PureVPN ¢ works great for streaming right “out of the box” but for hardcore streamers, PureVPN also has some amazing further add-ons (discussed below) which really set this particular VPN provider apart from the rest.

Also, PureVPN does not impose any limits or restrictions on your data usage. This means you are free to stream and download as much as you want.

Top Tip – Another good choice for a streaming VPN is HMA VPN ¢ with servers in 180+ countries.

Advanced Streaming with HDX and Smart DNS

PureVPN also offers certain advanced features for people facing severe restrictions (think China) or for hardcore streamers. PureVPN’s HDX streaming add-on can boost your streaming speeds by up to 20Mbps, no matter what your internet speed is (this helps you overcome speed issues if you have a slow ISP). Imagine streaming TV and movies or playing games with no lags or buffering. Say good-bye to irritating slow streaming and annoying pauses.

Another great add-on introduced by PureVPN is called Smart DNS – for a taste of this feature see the video below. It can increase your streaming speed up to 150Mbps for a streaming experience like no other. Smart DNS is yet another option to enhance your live streaming experience. These features do cost extra but are worth it for those facing severe restrictions or for seriously hardcore streamers (or gamers).

If you don’t need these extras, then great, you can use PureVPN ¢ right out of the box with no extra costs or hassle.

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These are some of the reasons why PureVPN is a great choice as a hassle-free way to stream TV shows, movies, sports and other live entertainment events.