How to Use a Website Copier App

Mass Download Items from Websites like a Vacuum Cleaner

The term website copier means downloading the content of an entire website (or parts of it) based on certain criteria of your choosing. These criteria could be based on item type, for example, videos, images, apps or documents. Criteria could also be based on location, for example, everything found in the sub-directory http://www.example.com/resources.

Using a web ripping app saves you from the tedious task of having to download items from a website individually, one-at-a time.

A decent free alternative is HTTrack Website Copier (free), a powerful, free open source web ripper. The FAQs and detailed information about filters are helpful, especially if you are seeking to download particular item types from a website.

Internet Download Manager ¢ (“IDM” for short) is probably the best mass downloader around and it offers a 30-day free trial. IDM is also a great online ‘video grabber' enabling you to save to your device streaming videos such as those played on YouTube.

IDM’s Site Grabber feature also stands out. An easy, but powerful wizard guides you through the mass downloading process (see screenshot). You can choose to download the contents of an entire website or parts of it, whether its web pages or videoes, images and/or documents it contains. If you like, the Site Grabber can immediately start downloading items or it can show you an inventory of all the items available for potential download, allowing you to select which ones to grab. It will even let you schedule your web ripping downloads and resume any interrupted downloads.

Read the full IDM Review >>    or  Download IDM's Free version now >>

best mass downloader IDM

Figure: IDM’s Site Grabber feature is a flexible and an easy way to “rip” website content

If you want to keep your mass downloading activities private, it’s especially wise to use these apps with an anonymizing VPN service enabled.

Happy downloading!


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