Best Anime Torrent Sites

Can't get enough anime? These top anime torrent sites will keep you busy!

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These are today's best anime torrent sites.

Are you looking to re-watch your favorite anime series, like Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist? Or maybe you want to find out what all the fuss is about for the hottest anime of 2023?

Anime torrent sites have exactly what you’re looking for, from subs to dubs, from top-quality Bluray rips to smaller compressed files for those that want to save bandwidth.

In this post, we’ll give you the lowdown on the best anime torrent sites, as well as some quick tips on how to torrent anime. Keep reading to find out more.

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 Top 5 Anime Torrent Sites

Top Tip - You may want to visit these sites using a web browser with a translation plugin enabled so you can easily see the Japanese titles in English. 🙂

Nyaa is the hands-down favorite public anime torrent site among weebs – ahem, we mean, anime fans. It’s easy to use, with a robust selection of categories and a strong search engine to make finding the series you’re looking for, in the quality you want, a breeze. Did we mention no ads?

Speaking of quality, it’s top notch, and its community boasts plenty of seeders. Plus, most HorribleSubs content is indexed here too. Shutdown

Screenshot of HorribleSubs homepage

HorribleSubs is hands-down one of the best sites for anime torrents.

Update: HorribleSubs decided to shutdown in October 2020 because of Covid. There are still mirrors up, but we don't consider those sites trustworthy. Try one of the HorribleSubs replacements on this page.  

HorribleSubs is a close second on the list of best anime torrent sites, at least among the public ones. Like Nyaa, it’s easy to navigate and has plenty of high-quality anime torrents to choose from.

However, you can find most of its content on Nyaa already, and the images/ads in its sidebar and background make it NSFW (not safe for work), which is why we rank it second.


Now, many would argue that AnimeBytes is THE best place to download anime torrents. And we wouldn’t fault ‘em for that. But there’s a catch.

AnimeBytes is a private site, which requires an invitation to sign up for and access. They do occasionally open up registration, but that only comes around about once a year. For that reason, we ranked them #3, though if you can get in the door, there’s nothing you won’t find here. 


BakaBT might not have every single series, but their quality is great – and there are so many seeders among the BakaBT community that you can download anime torrents in a flash. However, it’s another private site, which makes it harder to get access to.

Also, with so many seeders in its community, it can actually be difficult to maintain the required seed ratio of 2:1*. If you fall below that, your account could be downgraded or even banned, or you’ll be forced to pay $1 per 10GB to continue downloading.

*Note: This means that for every 2GB you download, you have to seed 1GB.


Rounding out our top 5 best anime torrent websites is AnimeTosho. While it’s not quite as popular as Nyaa or AnimeBytes, it’s still got a strong selection with a solid interface. Plus, it’s public, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something specific, and that you couldn’t find at Nyaa or HorribleSubs.

Anime Finder

If you're still having trouble finding what you're looking for, well, give Anime Finders a try. Unlike the other sites on our list, which provide their own torrents and trackers, AniFinder is a search engine that looks scours multiple anime torrent sites to find exactly what you're looking for. In fact, many searches will return several results, so you can choose the one that works best for you. 

Other Good Anime Torrent Sites

These anime torrent websites aren’t quite top 5 material, but they’re still very good options.

AniDex (Update: Down)

As far as public anime torrent trackers go, you could do a lot worse than AniDex. The layout is intuitive, and there’s plenty of series to choose from, including subs and dubs.

Screenshot of AniDex homepage

AniDex is a pretty good source of anime torrents.


Need to download an anime torrent? Look no further than… AnimeTorrents. If you’re looking for the latest series and it hasn’t hit your favorite tracker yet, this is the first place to check. Requires registration which is not always open. 

Shana Project

We love Shana Project’s layout, and they have most of the content found on HorribleSubs and Erai-Raw, so they’re definitely worth a look. 

The Pirate Bay

TPB is one of the oldest, and probably the most infamous, torrent sites still around. It’s not anime-focused like the other sites above, but it still has a decent selection of the more popular anime series.

Pro Tip - You can always check Usenet anime newsgroups & indexers too. 🙂

Wrap Up

From standard definition to BluRay rips, from the tried-and-true classics to the newest and latest series, if you can’t find the anime torrent you’re looking for on one of the sites above, it probably doesn’t exist!

Nyaa and AnimeBytes are the go-to best anime torrent sites, but the rest all get plenty of use from major anime fans.

As with all torrenting, we recommend you download anime torrents using a trust VPN, like PIA VPN.

Did we miss your favorite anime torrent site? Let us know in the comments.

March 17, 2023

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