Best Non-Logging Usenet Providers

To keep your newsgroup downloading history safe from prying eyes, use one of these best non-logging Usenet providers. 

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Avoid Big Brother by using these best non-logging Usenet providers. 

When choosing a Usenet provider, it’s important to find one that protects your privacy. After all, no one wants to be placed in some government database or get into trouble because of what they download. 

A good VPN will greatly improve your Usenet privacy (see our list of best VPN services), but it’s also important that your Usenet provider do their part – and by that, we mean maintaining a strict no-logs policy

Because logs can be used to connect your downloading history to your identity, it’s in your best interest (and your Usenet provider’s) that no logs are kept.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best non-logging Usenet providers.


Not only does Newshosting refuse to monitor or record what you download, they’re also the best overall Usenet provider in the business – at least in our humble opinion.

Here’s what users can look forward to:

  • great value, with fully-featured plans as low as $5.99/month
  • 110,000 uncensored newsgroups
  • free newsreader and VPN
  • unlimited downloads and speeds
  • very high retention rates (5,435 days and counting)
  • 14-day free trial


UsenetServer fast Usenet

Of course, UsenetServer is no slouch either. They don’t log downloads, plus they’re even faster and more affordable, but best for advanced Usenet users.

There’s more:

  • very affordable, with great plans as low as $7.95/month
  • 110,000 newsgroups
  • our pick for ‘fastest’ Usenet provider
  • unlimited data on all plans
  • 4,800 days retention
  • free zero-log VPN included


Looking for a non-logging Usenet provider, but you’re on a strict budget? Look no further.

NewsDemon offers:

  • low cost plans
  • 107,000 uncensored newsgroups
  • servers in USA and Europe
  • free VPN with some plans
  • Bitcoin payments


Easynews logo

Easynews regularly comes in among the most popular Usenet providers on the market, and it’s no-logs policy is only one reason. 

Here’s what else Easynews offers:

  • very friendly to new users
  • up to 3,448 days retention
  • unlimited speeds
  • 14-day free trial
  • 24/7/365 support


If you’re looking for a non-logging Usenet provider based in Europe, XSNews should be near the top of your list.

XSNews' great service also includes:

  • prices as low as 4,45€ per month
  • block accounts available
  • servers based in the Netherlands
  • Bitcoin and prepaid gift card payments
  • one of the best free trials in the business

eweka best Europe Usenet


Eweka is another great Netherlands-based provider with a no-logs policy, boasting the following features:

  • servers based in the Netherlands
  • unlimited data and speeds
  • 125,000+ uncensored newsgroups
  • 5,430 days retention
  • 99.5%+ completion rates


Usenet.Farm is a newer provider and doesn’t come with the frills of a service like, say, Newshosting, but they’ve got a great no-logs policy. Plus, Usenet.Farm offers:

  • great prices (as low as $5.75 per month)
  • free 10GB trial, with no payment information necessary
  • unlimited speeds and high data limits
  • servers in both the US and Europe
  • up to 40 connections

Wrap-Up: Best Non-Logging Usenet Providers

There you have it, the 7 best Usenet providers that promise to keep you safe and not keep logs - from the super fast UsenetServer to the very affordable NewsDemon.

Having trouble choosing? Well, you can’t go wrong with Newshosting, Cogipas’ top-rated overall Usenet provider and a great value. You can even get an exclusive discount if you sign up today!

July 13, 2021

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