How to Get Invites to Private Usenet Indexers

You don’t have to lurk Usenet forums for long before you start seeing recommendations for NZB sites or indexers with closed registration. They sound awesome, but you have no idea how to join.

Fortunately, it’s not that complicated… though it can take a while, depending on the site you’re trying to get access to.

Keep reading to find out how to get invites to private Usenet indexers.

A List of Invite-Only and Private Usenet Indexers

These are the most notable NZB sites that require an invite.

7 Ways to Get a Usenet Indexer Invite

Now for the part you came for: how exactly do you get an invite to these NZB sites? Here are seven methods for you to try.

Join during open registration

Some private indexers, including DrunkenSlug and DogNZB, open registration to new members a few times per year. When this happens, anyone can join without an invite, just like you would with a public indexer.

However, there’s no predicting exactly when this will happen, and there are usually months in between each open registration period.

So, it’s helpful to use a tool like Visual Ping to monitor the registration page(s) for you. It’ll notify you when the page changes, which usually means registration is open. You can also check places where Usenet news is posted, like Reddit’s r/Usenet

If you’re impatient – or want access to an indexer that doesn’t have open registration, like omgwtfnzbs – then try some of the other methods below. 

Ask a friend

Have a friend that uses Usenet? See if they have a membership to the private indexer(s) you want to join. And if they do, ask (nicely) for an invite.

This may seem obvious – and won’t work for a lot of people – but it’s definitely one of the easiest ways to get an invite, if it applies to you. 

Use the invite channel

Sometimes private NZB or torrent sites will provide an “official” way to get an invite, like signing up for a free invite notification or joining their IRC channel.

For instance, NZBCat does or used to do this, though it doesn’t seem to be working now. Another example is the invite-only audiobook torrent site, MyAnonamouse

However, it’s extremely hit and miss overall, since most private indexers don’t do this – and even the ones who do don’t always make it available. 

Make a donation

Some private NZB sites simply don’t want people signing up for free, but they will let you register if you pay for a membership upfront.

Both NZBPlanet and DogNZB, among others, have used this policy in the past, though it’s not always available. The issue here is that you’re paying for an indexer before you even get the chance to see what kind of content they’ve got.

But for a lot of people, it’s worth it, especially if the indexer has a good reputation. 

Check invite forums

There are a handful of places around the web that specialize in sharing invites to Usenet indexers. Usually, people will post when they have invites to share, or you can post a request for invites to a specific indexer.

Reddit’s r/UsenetInvites is one of the most accessible and active forums of this kind.

Make yourself known in the community

In general, people are more likely to share invites with someone they know, whether it’s a close friend or an online acquaintance. They’re not going to give them out to every “random” who sends them a message online.

Fortunately, you can make yourself known, at least a little bit, by joining and posting in chat rooms or Discord/Slack/IRC channels that are focused on specific indexers or just general Usenet.

Most of the people using these are already members, and they may send you an invite if you hang out and contribute to the community and conversation a bit. 

See if customer support can help

If all else fails, you could always try contacting support and seeing if they’d make an exception. This is not guaranteed to work, but it is worth a try.

Typically, indexers go private because they don’t want every random person signing up. It puts them at more risk, puts more strain on their servers, and just generally leads to more headaches. So, if you can show them that you’re both very interested in signing up and not a bot, they may give you an invite. 

Alternative Usenet Indexers with Open Registration

If those tactics didn’t work – or you just don’t want to go through all that trouble – these indexers are just as good and don’t require an invite.

Usenet Invites: Wrap-Up

Hopefully the above tips will help you get an invite to any and all of the private indexers you want. Just keep in mind that it may require a little patience and persistence.

If all else fails, check out the public alternatives we highlighted above. You’ll be able to find most of the same content on them that you would on a private site.

Is there a method we missed? Or another private indexer worth checking out? Let us know in the comments!

September 8, 2022

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