Best RARBG Alternatives

Yes, it’s true. RARBG is no more. One of the most popular torrent sites on the web shut down just like that, poof, without warning.

Now, you’re left looking for RARBG alternatives. And we’re here to help.

Warning: Beware RARBG Proxies

Whenever a big torrent site is taken down, it doesn’t take long for the proxies and clones to pop up. Some are managed by supporters just trying to keep the site alive, but often they’re run by people with less noble intentions.

For example, the site (not RARBG) has long tried to siphon traffic from the real site. At first glance, it looks like the original, but it’s actually a completely different site that simply collects torrents from other places.

Unfortunately, while it may be tempting to use one of these sites, they really can’t be trusted. Torrent sites aren’t particularly safe as it is, and the risks become even higher with proxies, since the admins and uploaders aren’t vetted.

And as always, no matter what torrent site you download from, we recommend using a secure torrenting VPN, like PIA VPN.

Usenet as an RARBG Alternative

One of the difficulties of replacing RARBG is the simple fact that, compared to most public trackers, it was a step above. That’s especially true for its collection of 4K uploads.

Since that’s hard to replace on just any old site, many former users are migrating to Usenet. The main disadvantages of Usenet is that it costs (a little) money and there’s a small learning curve if you’re coming from torrents.

That being said, it’s really pretty simple – and we’ve got a guide for How to Use Usenet, if you need help getting started.

Private Tracker RARBG Alternatives

Of course, Usenet isn’t the only place to get the highest quality rips, now that RARBG has shutdown.

Many private torrent sites are on par with RARBG – and some are even better. But the catch is… they can be pretty tough to get invited to, especially if you want to join the top movie and TV private trackers.

But if you want to give it a shot, check out our list of the best private torrent trackers.

Public Tracker RARBG Alternatives

While it may be tough to find a public torrent site that’s just like RARBG, there are still some solid options out there.

Torrent Galaxy

In all of the discussions about RARBG alternatives following the sudden shutdown, many torrenters have agreed that Torrent Galaxy is the closest to RARBG in functionality. They don’t have as many seeders, at the moment, but hopefully that changes in the future.


RuTracker is, hands down, one of the best public torrent sites on the net. That being said, the “Ru” stands for Russian, and that’s the language used on the site. However, it’s still possible to navigate the site with your browser’s translator function.


Fortunately, there are still big name torrent sites around, like 1337x. Their library may not be as “elite” as it once was – and it’s not an exact 1:1 RARBG alternative – but it’s worth a look. After all, there’s a reason it remains so popular.

Lime Torrents

The RARBG shutdown has left fans feeling sour, kinda like… a lime? Okay, we apologize for the bad joke. But don’t hold it against LimeTorrents, which is one of the better public torrent trackers around.

The Pirate Bay

You’ve almost certainly heard of this one, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. The Pirate Bay may not have the same torrents as RARBG, but it’s ol’ reliable. The site is still kicking today, despite many attempts to shut it down.

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June 8, 2023

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