Best Usenet Newsgroups

To get the content and files you want from Usenet, it helps to download from the best Usenet newsgroups. But there is more to it than that. 

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What are the best Usenet newsgroups for content? 

Which are the Best Usenet Newsgroups? 

The answer will depend a lot on what kind of content and files you are looking for. 

Looking for movies on Usenet? Check out alt.binaries.boneless. It’s also pretty good for TV shows but also check out these Usenet newsgroups for TV: alt.binaries.hdtv.x264 and alt.binaries.hdtv in general. 

Music more you’re thing? The best Usenet newsgroup for music are and

For ebooks, check alt.binaries.ebooks and for anime start with alt.binaries.anime.

Lots of people also use Usenet for erotica (not us of course). The best newsgroups for erotica are alt.binaries.movies.erotica for movies and for images. There are Usenet newsgroups for every possible taste of erotica from artistic “no nude” images to full length hardcore feature films.

How to Download from the Best Usenet Newsgroups

Of course, knowing which Usenet newsgroups to look in for files is just the tip of the iceberg.

The remaining challenge is actually finding the files you want and making sure you download complete versions of them.

It sucks big time to find the file you want, grab it with your newsreader and for the pieces of the files to fail at the 90% mark. That’s a waste of your time and bandwidth, especially if you have a Usenet plan that limits how much you can download.

Tips for Downloading from Usenet Newsgroups

To maximize your chances of getting complete versions of the files you want, even from the best Usenet newsgroups recommended above, follow these steps and tips:


Tip #1) Use a Usenet Provider with High Completion Rates

A Usenet provider’s completion rate is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a measure of how complete files are on the Usenet provider’s servers. The higher the number, the better.

However, this statistic should be taken with a grain of salt. Most Usenet providers will boast “99% completion rates” so don’t choose a Usenet provider only on this number alone.

Good choices for a Usenet provider with high completion rates are Newshosting, NewsDemon or Giganews.

Tip #2) Use a Good Newsreader Client

A newsreader client is the software you use to download files from Usenet newsgroups.

Some of the best newsreaders, like SABnzbd, are free.

Whichever newsreader you choose, you’ll want one that supports NZB and automatically joins file pieces. Almost all of them do so don’t worry about this too much.

Tip #3) Use a Usenet Indexer

A Usenet indexer is like a search engine for Usenet files. Use one to search for the files you are looking for, so you know all the pieces of the file are available.

A lot of Usenet uploads are incomplete. This can be because the file gets corrupted during the initial upload to begin with or the file or pieces of it have been removed in response to take down notices sent by copyright holders (you might see these referred to as DMCA take down notices which is an acronym for the legislation that allows for it).

A Usenet indexer will make sure you can only find files that are wholly available in the first place.

Free indexers exist but, no surprise, the premium (paid) ones provide the best results and are the easiest to use.

Tip #4) Download Using NZB Files

If you are following tip #3 and using an indexer, this isn’t a problem because the indexer will let you download your search results as an NZB.

An NZB is a small file that “points” to all the pieces of a file on Usenet. This saves you from having to track down all the pieces manually. NZB makes Usenet oh so easy and almost like torrents.

Tip #5) Use a Backup Usenet Block Account

It’s optional, but you can also supplement your primary Usenet account with a backup Usenet block account.

A block account is a pay-what-you-download account that only kick in if your newsreader client can’t find pieces of a file using your primary provider.

Even the best Usenet providers can’t have 100% completion all the time and will be missing pieces of a file from time to time. A block account fills those gaps when they arise and only then. You don’t have to worry about double paying for Usenet bandwidth because your newsreader client will only use the block account when your primary Usenet plan can’t find the piece.

For the best results, choose a block account provider from a different company than your primary Usenet provider.

Putting it All Together

If the above steps seem difficult to you, it’s not all as hard as it may sound.

The learning curve isn’t too bad and just a little harder than with torrent file-sharing. There is lots of help and advice out there including in Reddit.

Best All-in-One Usenet Solutions

If you still want to take a shortcut, some Usenet plans come with Usenet newsgroups access, a free newsreader client and indexer-like searching. 🙂

In other words, some Usenet plans will cover steps 1 to 4 above in one go. If interested, check out these all-in-one Usenet plan options:

  • Newshosting: 110,000 uncensored newsgroups, 99% completions, free custom newsreader with built in search with image/video preview and NZB support. All-in-one plans from $5.99/mo.
  • Giganews: 110,000 uncensored newsgroups, near 100% completions. All-in-one deluxe plans from $8.33/mo.
  • Easynews: web browser based Usenet with 100k newsgroups, 99+% completions and a fully visual usenet client. All-in-one plans from $12.95/mo.
Screenshot from EasyNews search demo

Easynews' newsgroup search couldn't be easier, especially for finding erotica and other media files. 

All three of these options have a money-back guarantee period, so give them a try and see if these all-in-one Usenet solutions are right for you.

Best Usenet Newsgroups Wrap-Up

Whether you choose to take a shortcut and get an all-in-one Usenet plan or carefully follow all the individual tips above, you now know everything about how to download from Usenet newsgroups. 🙂

Happy downloading!

July 1, 2019

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