You Can Pay for These VPNs with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency

One way to further increase the privacy provided by a VPN is by paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, since the payments are harder to track. This creates another layer of separation between you and your online activities.

Or maybe you don’t care too much about that, and just have some crypto you want to spend. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of top VPNs that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

We’ve even organized them by payment processor, to make things extra easy!

VPNs That Accept Direct Bitcoin and Crypto Payments

If you’d rather eliminate the middleman and send your crypto payment straight to your VPN (which is better for privacy), these providers make that possible:

  • Mullvad – This Swedish provider has some of the best payment options in the business, including direct payments with both Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash.

            > Check out our Mullvad torrenting review to learn more 

  • ProtonVPN – Founded by the same people that brought you Protonmail, this is a privacy-focused VPN that accepts crypto directly – and also has a free plan.

            > Check out our ProtonVPN torrenting review to learn more 

  • Trust.Zone Trust.Zone is a solid choice if you want to pay with Bitcoin directly.

            > Check out our Trust.Zone torrenting review to learn more 

  • oVPN – Another Sweden-based, privacy-focused VPN provider that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero directly through their site 
  • PrivateVPN – This VPN only accepts Bitcoin at the moment (not other coins), but it’s a solid option for direct payments
  • AirVPN – They accept several different coins directly through their site, from Bitcoin to Litecoin to Doge 

VPNs that Accept Bitcoin and Crypto Payments Through Coingate

If you’re a Coingate user – or just looking for a good VPN that accepts crypto – here are some options for you:

  • PureVPN – Our pick for the best streaming and overall VPN can be purchased with Bitcoin or other coins via Coingate.

            > Check out our PureVPN torrenting review to learn more 

  • NordVPN – One of the most popular and fully-featured VPNs on the market also accepts crypto payments.           

            > Check out our NordVPN torrenting review to learn more 

  • SurfShark – A fairly popular VPN for the past few years, SurfShark does accept Coingate payments.  
  • Ivacy – For another privacy-focused VPN that accepts crypto, Ivacy is a solid choice.  

VPNs that Accept Bitcoin and Crypto Payments Through Bitpay

Bitpay isn’t particularly popular among many crypto users, but it’s still an option for those who want to buy a VPN with crypto. These providers use it:

            > Check out our PIA torrenting review to learn more 

  • ExpressVPN – A popular VPN provider (and for good reason), ExpressVPN also accepts a variety of coins through Bitpay.

            > Check out our ExpressVPN torrenting review to learn more 

  • CyberGhost VPN – This well-known VPN also uses Bitpay, which lets you pay with a variety of different coins.  

VPNs That Use Other Crypto Payment Processors

There are several other options for paying with crypto, including Coinbase, Coinpayments, and BTCPay. Here are some VPN providers that use them:

  • PrivadoVPN – PrivadoVPN is perhaps best known for their free plans, but you can also pay for their premium plans with crypto via Coinbase.

            > Check out our PrivadoVPN torrenting review to learn more 

  • TorGuard – Another solid VPN option that accepts several different coins, this time through BTCPay.

            > Check out our TorGuard torrenting review to learn more 

  • Atlas VPN – Atlas is a newer VPN on the market, but you can pay through Coinpayments if you want to try them out.   

VPNs That Accept Bitcoin Cash Payments

Many Bitcoin users are focused on “hodling”, not spending, their Bitcoin. Plus, those fees can really add up. That’s where Bitcoin cash comes in.

Some of – but not all – the providers from the lists above take Bitcoin cash, including:

Why Pay for a VPN with Cryptocurrency?

In short, there are two reasons one might want to pay for a VPN with crypto:

  1. You just have crypto and like using it.
  2. You’re trying to further increase your privacy and security.

For you crypto hodlers, we don’t think you need another excuse. Do your thing.

But for the privacy-minded, is it worth paying with Bitcoin or crypto? Absolutely. No, Bitcoin is not completely “anonymous”, and it is possible to track payments.

However, using crypto does add another layer of security to your transaction which most people won’t bother bypassing. So, if you use a VPN for privacy, security, torrenting, etc., it’s worth using crypto instead of your credit or debit card. Though it’s not absolutely necessary, since a good no-logs VPN will keep you safe in most cases.

For more tips, check out our article on How to Pay Anonymously Online.

VPNs That Accept Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency: Wrap-Up

There you have it: a big ol’ list of the top VPN providers that accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and/or cryptocurrency.

By the way, we don’t claim that this list is definitive. There are other VPNs that you can pay for with crypto, we just tried to focus on the most notable examples based on the quality of the service, reviews, and reliability.

But if you think there’s one that should be added to the list, give us a shout in the comments!

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September 27, 2023

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