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How to Use PureVPN Torrenting for Safe File-sharing

PureVPN torrenting: you can achieve safe and anonymous p2p file-sharing in 5 minutes with PureVPN's easy-to-use app (which includes 1-click torrent presets) and its fast proxy servers

PureVPN Torrenting image

Is PureVPN good for torrenting? Yes!

5 Minutes is All it Takes for PureVPN Torrenting

PureVPN is among the best torrent VPNs for truly anonymous torrenting. Its large number of fast proxy servers and easy-to-use app make PureVPN ideal for anonymizing your torrent activities. In fact, PureVPN’s app is virtually idiot proof when it comes to which settings to use.

PureVPN torrenting settings

(Select to enlarge)

You can also confirm for yourself that PureVPN expressly support torrent file-sharing on these servers by reading its terms of service (go to, scroll to the bottom menu, select ‘Privacy Policy' and read under the heading ‘File Sharing Activities and DMCA Notices').

The app also displays your download speed and lets you easily enable advanced features essential to torrenters such as DNS Leak Protection, a Kill Switch and even different encryption protocols.

purevpn torrent general security settings

PureVPN is one of the largest and longest running VPNs – they are no fly-by-night operator.

Appealing to beginners and intermediate torrenters alike, PureVPN routes your torrent traffic through the country exit gateway server you choose, hiding your true IP address from potential snoops, and encrypts your traffic.

This masking of your IP address, encrypting of your traffic and routing your file-sharing activities through torrent-friendly servers and jurisdictions is a combination that makes your torrent activities anonymous and safe, whether from your ISP or third party snoops.

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Step-by-Step Details for PureVPN Torrenting

For the skeptical, risk averse or newcomers, all the nitty-gritty steps are explained below. The whole process can take as little as 5 minutes. Why not invest that short time to make sure you torrent anonymously for ultimate safety?

  1. Sign up at PureVPN. For peace of mind, they offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

ordering torrent purevpn

  1. You will receive your username and password credentials by email; it will look like this (select to enlarge):

torent purevpn's confirmation

  1. The same email you receive will contain links for downloading PureVPN’s app if you haven't already done so (select to enlarge).

in the email are links to PureVPN's app

Remember, you can use a single PureVPN account on up to 5 devices simultaneously so download the PureVPN app on all of your supported devices including your computers, tablets and smartphones.

You can also go directly to the VPN website and download the apps at any time: visit, scroll to the menu at the bottom of the page, under the subheading ‘Free Download' choose your operating system.

  1. After installing the app, launch it and enter your username and password from step 2 above. Tick the “remember” check box to skip from having to enter these manually again on that device (select to enlarge).

Starting PureVPN torrent

PureVPN Torrent Pre-Sets Right in the App: How Cool (and Easy!) is That?

  1. For anonymous torrenting, you have a number of options:
  • from the main Dashboard screen select the ‘Purpose or Country' drop down menu and select “Anonymous File Sharing” (see screenshot; select to enlarge). Using this method, PureVPN's app will automatically use the best settings.

selecting anonymous PureVPN torrenting settings

  • You can also select the ‘Personalized Selection‘ tab from the main screen and from the ‘Purpose' drop down menu select “Anonymous File Sharing”. Using this method, you can further select the ‘Protocol' you wish to choose and the P2P-supported country server you wish to use. Or you can just leave both settings to “Automatic” and let PureVPN make the best choices for you (see screenshot; select to enlarge). Read more about VPN Protocols.

Selecting advanced anonymous torrent PureVPN settings

  1. Once satisfied with your settings, select the green ‘Connect' button near the bottom of the app. The progress of the connection will be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the app and your connection details – including the anonymized IP address given to you for the session – will be displayed in the status area at the upper-right.

step 6 connection and anonymized IP address displayed

You are good to go!  Now start downloading torrents anonymously!

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PureVPN Torrenting Features At-a-Glance

Supports:Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, iOS (allowing 5 simultaneous logins per account is great value for money as you can use 1 account for your computers, tablets and smartphones)
Tech Specs:up to 256-bit encryption | OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec SSTP & IKEv2 protocols
Network:141+ countries, 750+ servers (200+ just for torrenting), 80,000+ IP addresses
Headquarters: Hong Kong
Privacy: PureVPN does not keep user activity logs, so your privacy is assured. Check PureVPN’s full privacy policy for yourself on its website.
Pricing:special offers of $2.99 per month (2-year deal) or $9 monthly (biannually) or $11.95 (month-to-month) with a full 7-day money back guarantee for peace of mind
Payment methods: PureVPN accepts 50+ payment options, including PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Bitcoin, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, WebMoney, Western Union, bank transfer

Optional Steps for Ultimate PureVPN Torrent Safety & Protection

The further steps outlined below are “optional” but will make your torrenting as safe as possible.

  1. It's a good idea to make sure any torrent VPN you use is actually hiding your true IP address (the one designated by your ISP) so that activities cannot be traced back to you via your ISP’s logs. To verify your torrent VPN is actually working and protecting you, there are some special, but still easy, torrent IP checks you’ll need to check.
  1. Ideally you should use disk encryption for saving your torrents and downloads (the torrent payloads) to make sure they are safe from prying eyes. The super cautious might even consider installing and using their torrent app from an encrypted drive so that it is completely hidden and inaccessible when not in use.
  1. Also consider using a privacy cleaning tool to delete any fingerprints that may remain behind from your torrenting activities. Traces of anything you do on your computer and your other devices remain behind and can be uncovered by would-be snoops. There are plenty of free tools that work with a single click to protect you and eliminate these fingerprints.

PureVPN Torrent Video: Watch it in Action

Watch this 1-minute video to get a feel for how easily PureVPN helps you torrent anonymously and safely (best viewed in full screen).

PureVPN Torrenting Wrap-up

We have painstakingly walked you through a PureVPN torrent sign-up, set-up and use to show you just how easy it is to use PureVPN for safe torrent file-sharing. If you want to read more about the pros and cons of PureVPN, please read our general review of PureVPN.

You can give PureVPN a try without any worry. It has a full money-back guarantee.

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selecting anonymous PureVPN torrenting settings

To torrent with PureVPN just choose ‘Anonymous File-sharing' from the app's presets and you are all set

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