Best 2018 Christmas VPN Deals (Updated)

Grab Christmas VPN deals and discounts NOW for big savings this holiday season. Grab these Christmas VPN deals while Santa is still offering them! Ho, ho, ho! The holiday season is here, which means millions of new gadgets and electronic devices will be unwrapped within the next few weeks. But is your new PC, tablet or smartphone […]

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China Doubling Down on Blocking VPNs

The Great Firewall of China is tougher than ever to bypass with a VPN, but some still work. Here are our updated picks for . China continues to crack down hard on VPN use in the country.China has long restricted Internet use in the country using their Great Firewall – and people, both citizens and foreigners, […]

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Torrent Sites That Have Been Shut Down

Here are all the major torrent sites that have been shut down in the last 14+ years. These are the major torrent sites that have been shut down since 2004.While torrenting is as popular as ever, the BitTorrent road is littered with the corpses of shut down torrent sites, whether they were directly seized by authorities […]

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Updated Best Black Friday VPN Deals (Cyber Monday too)

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018: VPN services are offering the year’s biggest discounts. Black Friday 2018! This year, it falls on Friday 23 November. And that means Black Friday VPN deals galore.  Plus, in many cases, the savings will be available right over the weekend into Cyber Monday too.  In fact, many VPN services now celebrate […]

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Why Hotel WiFi is So Dangerous

Using hotel WiFi can be very risky and even dangerous unless you take some steps to be safe. Know the risks before using hotel WiFi.Many of us can’t stand to be “disconnected” from the Internet – whether it’s our business email or social media – for minutes, let alone hours or days. So, it’s no surprise that […]

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Usenet & Copyright

The balance between Usenet, copyright and pirated content has always been delicate. Usenet, copyright & piracy: it’s complicated. Usenet providers may now be held responsible for copyright-protected content that’s shared by their users. At least, that was the ruling that the Regional Court of Hamburg Germany made in July against Usenet provider UseNeXT and its parent company […]

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