Free European Usenet Offers

These are the best free trials around for European-based Usenet providers. Some of these free trials don’t even require payment information. 

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Check out these generous free trials from European Usenet providers.

Usenet free trials can be a great way to try out a service and make sure it fits your needs before paying. But it can be hard to figure out exactly which free trials are worth using, especially if you’re in Europe.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top European Usenet free trials, as well as a couple providers that offer money-back guarantees. We only picked top-rated, trustworthy Usenet providers with robust trials, so you can be confident about signing up.

Which one will you choose?

European Usenet with Free Trial – No Payment Info Required

Many people don’t feel comfortable giving out payment information for a free trial, especially for something like Usenet. After all, what if you forget to cancel? These providers offer trials with no payment info required. 🙂 

TweakNews – 7-Day / 50 GB Trial

The TweakNews free trial doesn’t require payment info, but you will need to receive an SMS verification and provide an email address to sign up. The trial period is 7 days or 50GBs, whichever comes first.

TweakNews has their own backbone and boasts long retention of more than 3,400 days.

Update: For Cogipas readers, TweakNews offers a 7-day 50 GB free trial. Download plenty for the 7 days! 

TweakNews has the most generous free trial among European Usenet providers.

Usenet.Farm – 10 GB Trial

All you need to sign up for the Usenet.Farm free trial is an email address. And there’s no time limit on the trial, as long as you stay under 10GBs. Unfortunately, their retention leaves a bit to be desired.

Screenshot of Usenet-Farm's free Usenet trial offer.

European-based newsgroup provider Usenet.Farm offers a 10 GB free trial,

European Usenet Free Trials – But Payment Info Required

These providers offer free trials as well, but you’ll need to provide payment info when signing up. If you don’t cancel within the trial period, you’ll be charged for the membership that you selected.

Pure Usenet – 7-Day / Unlimited

Pure Usenet’s free Usenet trial is pretty much identical to Eweka’s – and their XXL plan has unlimited speeds. We prefer Eweka overall though.

NewsDemon – 15-Day / 50GB

NewsDemon has one of the longest free Usenet trials around, but it’s capped at 50GBs of data.

They also have servers for American and European users. 

SWcreenshot of NewsDemon free Usenet trial offer.

Look for this button to activate NewsDemon's free Usenet trial.

XSNews – 14-Day / Unlimited

If you don’t mind providing payment info, then XSNews has what appears to be a very generous European Usenet trial, with two weeks of unlimited access on their fastest plan. Plus, they use the Abavia backbone, with servers in both the US and EU.

However, Google around a bit and you'll see plenty of complaints about people finding themselves in an expensive monthly plan if they didn't cancel the free trial a full 7 days in advance. So read the fine print before jumping on this offer! 

Best Money-Back Guarantees for European Usenet

These providers don’t offer a free trial, but they do have money-back guarantees that allow you to request a full refund if you’re not happy with the service. 

Newsgroup.Ninja – 7-Day

Newsgroup.Ninja’s plans are only $5.83 per month, and if you don’t like the service, simply request a refund within 7 days for your full money back. They’re a reseller with servers in both the US and EU.

NewsgroupDirect – 15-Day or 15GB

NewsgroupDirect’s guarantee period is more than twice as long as Newsgroup.Ninja’s, but it’s got a fairly strict data cap of 15 GB. They’re another reseller, with servers in the US, Netherlands and Germany.

Screenshot from NewsgroupDirect website.

NewsgroupDirect is a great Usenet provider with a solid money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, you have plenty of risk-free ways to try a number of European Usenet providers.

If you’re serious about keeping your free trial free or you’re dissatisfied with the service, make sure to cancel or request a refund within the stated time period!

July 1, 2023

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